To The Editor: Walmart RV Resort


“Why has Walmart turned into an RV resort? Have you seen the parking lot at 6am? It has more than twenty RVs parked there. They don’t leave either. They are there after work too. Takes up so much space during a season where the town is already busy with winter visitors.”

– Parking At Walmart Sucks

Thanks for the question, PAWS. Does anybody remember way back when Parker’s Walmart was being proposed how many people said things like, “Parker can’t sustain a Walmart.” Did we ever make those people eat their words? In retrospect they probably could’ve built one twice the size, with a much bigger parking lot to go with it.

Which brings me to your question about the RVers who use Walmart’s parking lot during the winter, PAWS. First, we should note that Walmart generally likes them there. According to its website: “Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among our best customers. Consequently, we do permit RV parking on our store parking lots as we are able.”

RVers tend to be well aware of this fact, and are glad to make use of the company’s policy on overnight parking. (Plus it seems reasonable to speculate that Walmart enjoys the added store security provided by all those extra people around at night.)

All that being said, the buck stops with the manager of the Parker store: “Permission to park is extended by individual store managers, based on availability of parking space and local laws. Please contact management in each store to ensure accommodations before parking your RV.”

So, PAWS, if anybody wanted to change the rule that you say turns the Parker Walmart lot into an “RV resort”, they’d need to talk to the manager of the Parker store. Good luck!


  1. I have never seen a single RV park anywhere but on the fringes. I also have never seen the parking lot full. When it is busy, yes, you may have to walk a bit. The snowbirds are the bread and butter for places like Walmart and many others in the area. We should welcome them even if they do annoy us. It helps the economy here and we need it. 🙂

  2. That has been going on at Walmart’s in N. Phx. & Scottsdale for years. I was curious and asked the customer service clerk and that was the same thing they told me, they like the RVer’s business. Also see some semi’s in unused areas a lot for overnite stops.

  3. Annoyed Associate

    This Is Coming From Annoyed Associate… When I Go To Work At Anytime Of Day Or Evening.. I Expect To Be Able To Park Where Ever We Like… But We Can’t Seem To Do That.. Because Of All The R.V.’s I Personally Think We Should Start Charging Them n They Must Have A Pass Sticker On Their Vehicle Or Motorhome Saying That Paid For The Day Or Night Or Month Of How Long There Staying n I Think It Should Be $20.00 a Night $50.00 A Week n

  4. Annoyed Associate

    $300.00 A Month… That’s Why We Have Trailer Parks n Hotel n Motel’s In Town n Crit Should Come Out N Clear Out Walmart Parking Lot.. Or We Just Start Charging Ppl…

  5. My goodness people this snowbird parking is for temp. Only geeze. Walmart associate have you seen all the avail. Parking there is for you? I mean come on if it weren’t for them you’d be outta of a or shorter hours job. They aren’t bothering you except to “inconvience” you to “walk” a little? Omg!

  6. Charge? Hell Sam would be pissed.and where do you think the $ will go? Sam? He don’t need it he values our snowbird people as should you and everyone else.

  7. ANNA…. as a tax payer of this county the snowsnails should be at La Paz County Park, or Buckskin or a private park such as Roadrunner… all these places have spaces available and IF you were one of these businesses that have spaces available , i am sure you would be pissed if these snowslugs were camping at WalMart for FREE when your park has available spaces !! the idea of the WalMart overnight stay is for weary travelers, it’s late at night and you need to park to rest and you are supposed to be GONE by morning ! setting up camp and chairs and TV’s is NOT the idea !! why is it NO ONE in SUMMER sets up CAMP there ? If they have time to disconnect their trailer or their extra car then they have time to find a PAYING CAMPSITE !! so, if they are here to “spend money” then send them to these places… NOT CAMP for FREE at WalMart or out in the desert !! imagine how much money YOU could save by staying in these FREE places !! the county needs $$$ from tourists !! SEND them to the county park ! Make them PAY like everyone else ! why should they get a FREE ride !!

  8. I have never found it difficult to find a place to park since the WalMart opened, and I’m there almost everyday! And it has been a pleasure everytime I meet a new snowbird. And as for the associates, I thought they were supposed to park on the side or as far from the front as possible as to leave the front opened for the CUSTOMERS! If it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be working there. Take It Easy!

  9. Come on folks!
    What about “Christian Charity”?!
    I’ve always found Parker to be a friendly town — a bit more understanding, perhaps.
    Anyway……this whole area depends on the Tourist Trade. Take care not to kill the goose that lays those golden eggs!
    Most sunbirds only stay at Walmart overnight — when we arrive late and need to get our travel plans together. If your budget is tight and you can’t afford a full RV place, there are generous long term possibilities in the desert close by.
    Walmart boondoggers do try to keep their presence out of the main shopping parking area. I’ve overnighted at many Walmarts and never seen ANY lack of parking slots.
    I’m sure we can all get along in this great US of A……

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