Parker man shot dead, suspect wanted

UPDATE: Ackerman is now in custody. Click HERE for details.


A man, Daniel Porter, was found dead in the street of a Parker neighborhood Tuesday night. The homicide suspect, Sean Ackerman (pictured) is now wanted by police and considered armed and dangerous.

The Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Department and the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office are working together in a joint homicide investigation in the shooting death.

On Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 at approximately 8:30 pm., Porter was found deceased in the street near the intersection of Parkway II and Riverfront Drive (BlueWater Lagoon). During the course of the investigation, it was determined that what initially started out as a verbal altercation between Porter and Ackerman quickly escalated to an alleged homicide. Porter was found to have what appeared to be a single fatal gunshot wound. Investigators used evidence and witness information to write a search warrant for Ackerman home, where the alleged murder weapon was located.

An autopsy has been scheduled to determine the exact cause of death and the case is still under investigation.

Investigators have put out a nationwide alert for the apprehension of Sean Robert Ackerman, a white male adult, 44 years of age, who is considered to be armed and dangerous. La Paz County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release Thursday saying: “If you see Sean Ackerman, please do not attempt to make contact, call 911 immediately. We have attached a photograph of Ackerman from a previous booking. He was last seen driving a silver 2006 Mercedes Sedan.”


  1. I must lead a sheltered live!! Who are these people??

  2. What is happening in the small town I call home;(

  3. My god, we have a murderer running around loose.

  4. How do we know if he is armed if his gun was found in his home? Wouldn’t he take that one with him so he can toss it?

  5. So sad. This happened in my neighborhood.
    and yes we have a murderer on the loose!!!!
    and a dead man. Rest his Soul.
    -Even in Parker! I SMH!
    what next?

  6. Who are these people? Great question. Dan Porter was my best friend. I’ve known he and his wife for over 16 years. He helped me countless times. He helped everyone he knew. He was like a father to me. What this guy did is unforgivable. Dan was the best man we know.

  7. I was just asking. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

  8. No apologies necessary. I’m glad you asked the question, it is one that needed to be answered!

  9. Nat, you ask about the gun. Sean might have taken his gun, maybe the gun at the scene is Dan’s?
    He was known to carry a gun. Interesting twist.

  10. Yes he was a really good man, I only met him once but I’ve heard about him a lot… R.I.P.

  11. yes,Dan was like my brother,one of the best men I knew. I know he’s walking with Jesus. I pray they catch that mad dog tweeker.

  12. Jack, Sarah, Scott. Any of you have a picture of Dan ?
    We have a house in BWL. Did not like Sean and his people!! We think we know Dan but never had a last name!! I hope management at BWL get the message to clean out the dangerous people hanging out here!! Sorry for your losses!!

  13. Who was Dan you ask? As someone who has known his wife from age 12 & him since age 16 I feel extremely qualified to tell you who he was! He was a kind and gentle soul who would go out of his way to help. I never once knew him to be cruel or hateful. When my Mom passed away in ’98 & my Dad already gone as I told his wife, whom I love dearly, that now I had no one. About ten minutes later I get a call back. She tells me that Dan says they are adopting me so I wouldn’t be an orphan. Of course we were adults by then but his compassion & empathy shown through then as it had in the past and continued his entire life.

    For those fortunate to have known him I’m sure you realize you’ve lost one of the last of the good guys. For those who never knew him, I’m sorry for what you missed. Please think of his wife of close to 53 years, pray for her to continue on. For the naysayers talking about “dangerous” people let me assure you Danny was NOT one of them. To the person who said he was “Known to have carried one” how do you know this if you didn’t know him. In all the years I knew him I never knew if he carried one, never thought to ask because it never occurred too me & was none of my business. The man was murdered for heavens sake. He was 70 years old, his killer was 44. I have guns too……………..don’t like it? Tough! Keep sitting in your glass house throwing rocks, I’m sure your self righteousness will keep you safe.

  14. I am sitting here reading all of these post and my heart breaks for the family and friends of this man “Dan” and at the same time I feel like this is one of those crazy story’s you watch on t.v.

    I my self have been friends with Sean and his wife for almost 13 years and they have always opened there home and hearts to everyone. Sean has always been the one person that always has a smile on his face and makes his home yours. I don’t know what happened on that awful day but I do know that Sean would never hurt a fly and that’s how in my heart there is so much we all don’t know.

    At this time I am sorry for the loss of Dan Porter and his family and I am heart broken for what Sean’s wife, she must be feeling at this time.

    Please people until you know the full story and what really happen , DON’T JUDGE EITHER PARTY AT THIS TIME. The truth will always come out in the long run !!!

    God Bless….

  15. I’ve known Sean my whole entire life, & I do not find him to the kind of person that a lot of the BWL people see him as. Sean & his wife are from California, & so their life styles are different from anybody from Arizona. They came to the river one winter day to get away from it all, until they crossed over the bridge,& were both driving around to scout out the area, when they saw BWL they said that this is it. As they drove through the park, they were looking at some mobile homes because it looked tempting to them,& they priced some of them out, going to the real state office to see what the best buy was for their money,& what they were both able to afford since they lost their business n California. Now they both finally get a good deal on a decent looking house,& they ended up getting it. They have two of the most beautiful dogs you could ever possibly want to have for yourselves. Both Sean & his lovely wife Corinna who hails from Germany,& has known Sean since early 1991,& had decided to get married in the summer of 1993,& were always happy being together as husband & wife. They were two of the nicest people you could ever want to meet. When they came to BWL they were the same exact way, in a way almost too nice for words to say the least. Sean with his warmth & sincereness was a little far more overwhelming. The stubbornness of these people lead him & his wife down the wrong path in life. There’s one thing you people at BWL need to learn & know too,& that is you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, nor do you ever under any cerci stances do kick a gift horse right square in the mouth. Mr Daniel Porter leaned himself, but the hard way. May that be a wake up call for everybody here at the BWL. “Thank you!”

  16. When Sean & his lovely wife Corinna left California, they both thought that BWL was the place to be, after loosing their business under poor management, they both decided to come to Arizona to be able to live a peaceful & happy life with their two beautiful dogs who are so friendly & loving to people. They had a real nice ice cream wagon,& eventually a taco wagon too. Where ever they go to do their business, the people loved them dearly. Especially the the young children playing sports. Sean was always so well liked by people even the older generation for the most part. Even his wife who came from a well business orientated family really gave such a great deed in helping Sean with both of the business in California & Arizona just as well too. Some of the neighbors at BWL were nothing more than just a whole posse of freeloaders & back stabbers who can only take everything that’s handed to them, & yet not give in return. This is what you get for being so kind & generous to people who don’t even care one way or the other, but just take advantage of good nature. The day will come when these ass holes will get theirs, & they’ll be so sorry that they ever did such evil to the good. Daniel Porter is dead now but who really gives a shit one way or the other, he deserved the attention that he received,but only the hard way. I hope who ever reads this piece of information really understands the true meaning of what this whole situation is all about. & maybe they’ll change for the better of it all. “God Bless!”

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