Ackerman in custody


Law enforcement sources tell Parker Live that Sean Ackerman (pictured), who is wanted for the shooting death of Daniel Porter in Parker, AZ last week, has been arrested and placed into custody.

On Saturday, February 8th at approximately 9:30 pm, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department says it was contacted by the Lost Hills, CA Sheriff’s Department. They advised that they had taken Sean Ackerman into custody without incident. Ackerman will be awaiting extradition back to La Paz County on homicide charges.


  1. Anonymous In Parker

    Good Now All Can Sleep In Peace At Knowing The Fugitive Has Been Caught.. I Hope He Gets Life Without Parole.. For Taking An Innocent Life… Why Ask Seek Domestic Violence Sheeesh…

  2. No matter what differences people have with each other, there are always ways to solve them. No one needs to die over them. This man is a cold blooded killer and according to those that know the truth, there was no regret or sorrow over this shooting and ultimately taking the victims life. people like that deserve to be put away for life. I hope the justice system puts him where he needs to be . No excuse in the world is good enough EXCEPT self defense. It is my understanding this incident did not apply to that exception.

    I am sorry for the family’s that are left in the wake of this horrible incident to deal with their own loses of all parties in involved. So senseless for all.

  3. We have a house in Blue Water Lagoon!! Does anyone have a picture of Daniel Porter? We think we know who he is but would like to know for sure!! There are some truly dangerous people in that neighborhood!! It’s time for management to step
    Up for the safety of all!!

  4. This is Arizona! Unlike Califormia we have the DEATH PENALTY and we use it. If this crime fits the criteria and i heard it does, then file for it. After working in the criminal justice system for many years, i do not believe it is used enough. Send a message to the dirtbags, go do your crimes else where or we will stick a needle in your arm and end your miserable life before you can hurt someone else.


    Wow I love it how everyone judges without knowledge…they ONLY PEOPLE WHO KNOW THE TRUTH ARE THE ONES WHO WERE THERE WHEN IT HAPPENED…everyone else are ASS-uming what happened and we all know what that means what happened to being INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY…THUS IS STILL U.S.A.

  6. I don’t care how much you use your caps lock… Innocent people don’t run from the law.

  7. Low Pay County Citizen

    Darrell sorry to rain on ur parade but Low Pay County is the perfect place to commit murder as the county doesn’t have the $$$$ to go for death penalty. Maybe we could get a collection plate!

  8. Anonymous BWL Resident

    I live in Bluewater Lagoon, for many years Sean Ackerman and his disgusting wife have lived here and cause nothing but problems. Contact CRIT police and find out how many times they have been called out because these two who have no regards for any of the other residents in here. They play music so loud you could not enjoy your own home. They parked the vehicles they own all over the park. They had no regards for others property rights. If they took their boat out and if you were at the beach when they came in they would run over you. They would let their dogs run loose at the park (not friendly dogs). They did not and do not believe that any rules applied to them. The people who hung out with them are the trash. Why because they supplied and the booze and who knows what else. To tell you just how bad it has been when the lovely Mrs. Ackerman was released from jail after the murder she came home and partied. Really nice people. I would love to see a [—————–] so maybe we in this park could once again have peace. I also think that the mgt. of this park had a hand in this, they are more worried about a weed in ones yard then getting the trash out of here. At one time this used to be the pride of the Parker area, not any more. Mr. Park Master Lease holder is only worried about the Dollars in his pocket. All of us must remember that an old man died in the middle of the street alone.



    Wow you people are something welled they don’t let their dogs run wild and the last time I checked none of us are fortune tellers so you can’t accurately tell what happened that night end of discussion. What makes any of you so special t that you think it is ok to run your ignorant mouths about people without actual facts….running doesn’t make you guilty….how about scared people run too.. [———-] are you kidding me this isn’t the 1800s….and now it’s ok to csll people trash just because the know them?? You are all a bunch of hypocritical cowards. And just because the victim was”older” doesn’t make him a “saint” you don’t even know anything about the guy.try getting ALL THE FACTS BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR UNEDUCATED MOUTHS


  10. Reminder: insults / hate speech / libel / inconsiderate comments will not be tolerated. Please be considerate of others before posting. (The old adage to think before you speak applies online too.) Thank you.

  11. Was Sean a vendor at the swap meet? Seems like I saw him there.

  12. i also live in Bluewater Lagoon, and for many years Sean Ackerman and his disgusting wife have lived here and cause nothing but problems for so many people. All the do is drink and party and cause problems. Now a man is dead and he leaves behind his wife. God bless her!

    Were you there?
    I live here and have seen the crap that goes on so don’t believe you know it all.

  14. We also live in Bluewater lagoon and it seems like there is no management. We feel that if there was someone who cared what went on inside, maybe it could be controlled. We have a nice clubhouse that is used for nothing, but private partys. There are no activities in the whole park unless the residents get something going.
    This is really sad! Management should be based on experience and caring about your property and tenants, not just laughing all the way to the bank. We have asked a hundred times about the catus flys, never received an answer, ask about all that white foam crap floating down the river (even took some up to the office) again no answer. Where is our management? Where are our answers? The park is really going down hill fast, and it seems like no one cares except the tenants. If the management doesn’t have the answers, then it is your job to find out from the responsible departments what the answers are. Bluewater Lagoon is known for being a drug haven. You can get anything you want there. Where is our management? It seems that everyone is too involved with their personal lives to care what goes on there. Let’s shape up or ship out!

  15. Anonymous BWL Resident

    anonymous, I feel your pain. You are so right about BWL. It used to be the most beautiful park in the Parker area. We as most residents that live in here are afraid of retaliation from the Mgt. of this Park. What we as homeowners need to do is get together and fight for our rights. Management does not have all the rights. We have to stand up and be heard. I know why we use anonymous, fear of management! Let us talk to our neighbors and try to get together. Let us contact the Police Dept. and see if we can start a watch program. We all who live in here full time know where the drugs are. Let the good decent people take the park back. All management does in here is take our money. They do not care about any one of us. LET US BE HEARD!!!

  16. We are not full time like you but have enjoyed our home for 20 years!! I feel the same way! I called Scott out one night about things and was basically threatened When we were robbed their response was it’s up to us to protect our home and should work with our neighbors!! Yeah. That’s a good idea, there the ones robbing us! If someone has the guts to start a voice, I will change our anonymity to our names!! So great to hear that others feel exactly the same as us

  17. Bluewater Lagoon’s management team has been in contact with CRIT PD’s Captain Harper in an effort to help our residents organize a Neighborhood Watch Program. Captain Harper has said that he will get back to us in a few days, but in the meantime we need to get a list of residents who are interested in participating in this program. Anyone interested can contact Brandy at (928) 669-8573 or come see her in the office Tuesday through Friday. Participation will be needed by many in order for this to be a successful program. Once we hear back from Captain Harper we will know what the next step is (right now it is just compiling a list of participants) but the next step will likely be a community meeting to discuss how the program works and speak with CRIT PD directly about crime concerns in the park. Hope to see many of you help us make this program successful!

  18. Brandy, I think this sounds like a great idea. What I want to know is if one of the residents finds something that is not being followed by the rules of the park, how much of a hassle is it going to be to get the park to back us up? I see that this might be the real problem. I know a lot of residents don’t want to spend their time being spies and detectives when that job belongs to management and the Police Dept. Of course if we see something going on, I don’t think anyone would hesitate to say something as long as we have someone watching our backs. So far, I know no one bothers to say anything because nothing ever gets done about it, and makes us feel like a bunch of idiots. So, I think that we all need to be assured that things are going to change from previous occurrences and we
    can be positive about reporting things.

  19. why are folks posting under a ANONYMOUS name.??? alot of talk behind a usless name.!!!!

  20. Randy,
    If you lived there full time instead of just staying there once in awhile, you would understand.
    Apparently you never have had a run-in with management, right?


    Obviously you dont know what you are talking about because Randy is a permanent resident not a part timer

  22. This was my Godfather and have known him from the day I was born. This sean is gonna get his just deserve, I promise you. My godfather was an ornery man, but a great soul, and didnt deserve to be murdered. Why not use your fists instead of a gun? I lost contact with Porter few years back because of family differences, but love him and Mrs. Porter very much. You will get your sentence Sean, one way or the other lol.

  23. oh btw im not afraid to post my name because i have nothing to hide

  24. Friends. Romans, and Countryman,

    My condolences to the loved ones of Mr. Porter. I want to preface my comments with saying if Mr Ackerman is guilty, he should be punished and imprisoned. Here are some important questions to be answered first which could mitigate Mr. Ackermans level of guilt. Did Mr. Porter own a weapon and threaten great bodily harm or pose a real danger to Mr. or Mrs. Ackerman or someone or something close to them? Was Mr. Porter or Mr. Ackerman under the influence of drugs or alchahol? Did anyone hear previous threats from Mr. Porter to Mr. or Mrs. Ackerman in the past? Was Mr. Ackerman afraid for his life or his wife’s life, or pets life’s? My point is, many questions need to be answered honestly before we know beyond a reasonable doubt that someone is guilty of MURDER even if they pulled the trigger. That being said, this is a sad case for everyone involved. I pray for the families and communities learn from this tragedy and treat each other better!

  25. Just in case you all know or don’t know, is that Mr Porter has been a thorn in both Mr & Mrs Ackerman’s side since they had both moved in there back in August of 2011,& it has been nothing but pure jealousy right from the start. Mr Porter has called Mr Ackerman out on many occasions in the passed, along w/others as well too. Making up seen & inappropriate gestures at Mrs Ackerman, in front of Mr Ackerman. Mr porter’s day was coming & he finally met his match, I hope that everybody that saw what happened that night learned a good lesson about the simple fact that you don’t piss people off, & keep the attacks going. It serves Mr Porter right,& he’s right where he should be. Mr Ackerman is no criminal as far as I’m concerned, & you other people in Blue water lagoon should be aware of it just as well too.

  26. Mr &Mrs Ackerman both have also been very kind in fact almost too kind to some of the neighbors there at Blue Water Lagoon , & the Ackerman’s having them at there dining room table for Thanksgiving Day dinner just to show a little bit of compassion for a lot of these low life scumbags who never had anything decent in their entire lives. They see a nice couple w/2 friendly dogs, & the next thing you know happens is that everybody in the area gets extremely chummy w/them. Jealousy does not pay off anger issues in life, so be aware just in case. Nothing but cold blooded & cruel minded back stabbers. God Bless both Mr & Mrs Ackerman for the pain & suffering that they’re both going through,& all of the rest of the misery as well too, “God Bless & Amen”!

  27. For those that understand what happened, for those that don’t, Sean Ackerman, was threatened by Porter, Sean Went into his house retrieved his gun and, proceeded to leave his yard, pull Porter out of his truck, and shot him point blank. Execution. As it was explained to me. By a known liar, so give that weight what it is worth, A knife was placed near the victim afterwards. And according to a very good source told Sean to leave. where he left his wife alone to clean up his mess as she has always done. She and his family support him well in prison, nothing but the newest available. ########

  28. Put a ankle bracket on him

  29. He is just a high profile criminal He should never gotten out of prison with out being tracked sentence was to light county didn’t have money to enforce I know a couple of federal judges in ca He needs to be re charges with lighter offenses He has committed just like oj an ex cop opion

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