Viewfinder: What is this?


Does anybody know why a can would be strapped to a post in the middle of the desert? Answers in the comments section below. (If anybody has a similar question about strange items in the desert, please use our contact link above to get in touch!)


  1. Cause the birds will eat your breadcrumbs !

  2. A Mine/Prospecting claim marker or a Geocache

  3. This is a claim marker. There should 3 more like it marking the four corners of the claim. Claims vary in size so it could mark an area as small as 10-20 acres or larger claims like 360-640 acres. You need to remember that legally filed mining claims need to be respected as miners do carry weapons.

  4. You can still camp on or hick on any public land. But, you can not dig look for gold on any claim, that includes taking rocks.

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