BlueWater Lagoon residents to form Neighborhood Watch group


Some residents of the BlueWater Lagoon neighborhood in Parker, AZ have been voicing their support for forming a Neighborhood Watch program. According to Parker Live reader Brandy, the park management team has been in contact with CRIT PD for support after several residents voiced concern about security in the subdivision in Parker Live comments sections.

“[We] need to get a list of residents who are interested in participating in this program,” she wrote. “Anyone interested can contact Brandy at (928) 669-8573 or come see her in the office Tuesday through Friday. Participation will be needed by many in order for this to be a successful program.”

She says the next step will likely be a community meeting to discuss how the program may work and speak with the CRIT Police Department directly about residents’ concerns. The riverfront subdivision is one of the largest in the Parker area, and is populated by a combination of permanent residents and weekenders.


  1. this a great, But this is a guarded community with a guard gate to enter the complex.?

  2. Randy, that’s just to keep the tweakers in. Can’t have them wandering all over the desert.

  3. I found a small black puppy wandering on the entrance of the park. If it’s yours or know who it is contact me.

  4. I am looking to move to the bluewater community, though having problems trying to get a ligit answer on the lease length, why are leases different from space to space, are we allowed to have rv’s, boats, dogs, teenager on premises? Please help. Also, I am a Young single father of 56 with a 16 yr old boy (not sure if coming with me yet). How is life in the area for someone wanting to retire , go boating, fishing, recreational shooting and just for once to enjoy life in their late 50″s? Well, thats alot for now. Praise God, the USA, the Republic and the Constitution of the USA!!

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