Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys recognizes La Paz prosecutor

From the website of the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys’ Advisory Council, in recognition of Rachael Shackelford, Prosecutors Spotlight for April 2014:


Attorney Rachael Shackelford far exceeds expectations of the La Paz County Attorney’s Office. As the primary attorney for felony victim cases, she routinely faces demands and pressures beyond the norm even for prosecutors, yet Rachel maintains the serenity to deal with each victim with compassion, respect, and genuine concern.

As a new attorney she has stepped up to the challenge of prosecuting major felonies that would daunt seasoned prosecutors, including numerous child molest cases. Rachael has taken on a full criminal felony trial calendar, and recently secured a jury verdict of guilty in a sexual abuse of a minor case. Rachael won this verdict over a vigorous defense by a respected criminal defense attorney with thirty years of experience.

One characteristic of a great prosecutor is courage. Rachael has courage, the courage to stand up with little experience and seek justice. As an example of her courage, picture a courtroom filled with supporters of the defendant, supporters who prayed publicly outside the court’s doors. Every day of the trial, this attorney moved gracefully through a hostile crowd of defendant supporters to seek justice for her victim.

Not bad for someone admitted to the bar in 2012.


  1. As some of you know, I spend each morning excercisng my “freedom of speech” in front of the County Attorney office. I believe Tony Rogers is derelict in his duties as an elected official. I believe he may have conflict.
    I DO KNOW THAT RACHAEL SHACKELFORD was the FIRST prosecutor assigned to my case and was doing an EXCELLENT job, had a plan and was going forward. Unfortunately, she was removed from the case and that is when it all fell apart. YOU GO GIRL. YOU HAVE A GREAT FUTURE. AWESOME!!!!

  2. So Rachel S.
    does or doesn’t make mistakes?

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