Quartzsite mayor wants police department disbanded in settlement offer


Quartzsite Mayor Ed Foster has offered a settlement to the Town of Quartzsite in his case against it that involves disbanding the Quartzsite Police Department.

The settlement, which the Town Council will discuss Tuesday evening in Executive Session during its regularly scheduled meeting, was offered in a recent letter from Foster’s attorney Julie LaBenz. As reported by the Desert Messenger, Foster’s offer is that he will drop his appeal if the Council: (1) Vote to abolish the Quartzsite Police Department; (2) Enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office to provide a Quartzsite Metro Squad to patrol Quartzsite, saving the Town approximately $500,000 per year; (3) Dedicate the funds saved by abolishing the Quartzsite Police Department to the HURF loan and the prospective USDA loan for a period of six (6) years; (4) Agree that the sewer rates be restructured to be based strictly on a volumetric rate based on water usage; and (5) Payment of Mayor Foster’s legal fees and costs in full.

Foster’s case against the Town involves his use of mayoral veto on a matter of Town business, which is currently in the appeal stage. Throughout the duration of time that Foster has been mayor, his platforms have been Town money mismanagement and overzealous policing. Foster had an adversarial relationship with former Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, who was released last year.

Although a discussion of Foster’s case is scheduled for Tuesday’s meeting with the Town’s attorney, no vote is scheduled regarding the settlement offer.


  1. John,

    You almost seem to be advocating his actions and behavior. At least use his favorite picture of him wearing his famous label Orange inmate designer jail wear. It looks like he will need to get use to it real soon!

    H. Maxwell

  2. How stupid, overzealous policing???????????? That was Gilbert doing that. As soon as Mayor Ed Foster gets pulled over by LPCSO they will be called overzealous. Yes Gilbert was a terrible Chief and should of never been in law enforcement but does Ed Foster think he is above the law at times? And what happens in 6 years, are they gonna go back to their own Police Department?

  3. How on earth any of the above can be read as advocating anything is beyond me…

  4. I had to read it twice to try and see what Harold saw. Still not seeing it. It was well written, concise and completely unbiased. You just can’t please some people no matter what you do, as long as those people hate the subject matter enough.

  5. To those of us that have been around Quartzsite for several years, some can remember when there was a time when a local PD might have been okay. No longer.

    But then, we used to have 2 million visitors each winter. No longer.

    QPD has been intentionally misused for political purposes for so long that the resulting corruption is common place. But then, Jeff was the police chief. No longer.

    Greedy, self-centered folks have broken the back of Quartzsite and financially destroyed our town. Our winter visitors now represent only a token amount of what it once was. No longer.

    If one can get past the deception and outright manipulation over the past few years, any of us might be able to recognize that Mayor Foster’s demands are more than appropriate. Under the circumstances, even more fair than the controlling cabal deserves. I see his demands as one of the ways to actually eliminate significant potential continuation and misuse of QPD for purely political purposes. When an arm or hand is so bacly infected, cutting it off may be the only way to heal.

    So, turning it over to the county, thereby saving almost a half million dollars a year we no longer have sounds like a good deal. Besides, we can’t be in worse shape than we have been in the past few years. Maybe it will be safe to run for town council without getting harassed by QPD for doing so. It is a step in the right direction.

  6. Great article John!
    Ed Foster is right again.
    Gilbert’s fanatical fans still linger and hate the fact they no longer control the dialog. The sewer rates should be based on volumetric consumption not the number of spigots. This policy is punitive to RV parks and show grounds that are the life blood of Quartzsite.
    And the police department has too long been used as a strong arm for corruption and suppression of free speech. I have faith that sheriff Drum will do a fine job of policing our town.

  7. John,

    Upon reading Mr. Maxwell groundless rants, I felt that he must be one of Jeff’s freeloaders that attended the “Coffee with Cops”. I was a full time resident of Quartzsite for over 10-years and lived through the Grand Winter Days and suffered the heat of summer.

    Now if Mr. Maxwell had spent any time at my Web Site http://www.aview.info he would known just how justified Mayor Foster’s offer is. It has been said that the Q-8 have settled for $1,300,000.00 and there are still Federal Court cases active and more standing in the wings to take flight.

    Because of the actions of (former) Chief Gilbert, Federal Civil Suits have caused the loss of affordable insurance with the League of Cities’ and Towns. By closing down the QPD, Quartzsite Court, Town Prosecutor, and Judge, major revenues could be generated while passing those costs over to the County.

    “Like Sands through the Hour-Glass” the Town of Quartzsite is running not only out of money, but the means to generate the needed revenues to keep the town operational… and that’s my view from across the fence!

  8. John,


    Advocating was probably a poor choice of words on my part, so you have my apology. But I do find it unusual that you would make no comment on Foster’s offer which reads more like an extortion or blackmail letter than anything. What kind of Mayor sues his own Town and then makes these kind of demands? Pay his attorney fees! Come on people, if Foster was truly interested in saving his Town money why would he pull this kind of stunt. Foster has been working on this plan with the Sheriff and the county for a long time now. Can you say conspiracy theory? While Foster may think he has veto power, he does not have absolute power. He is one of seven of the council and it sounds like he got shot down on his extortion scheme. The current re-call on Foster is moving along quickly so I am told with people wanting to line up to sign it after his ridiculous stunt! Here’s an idea for Foster, support your Town, support your police department and help them find ways to improve their service by working with them, not against them! We the citizens want the security of quick response times and service. We do not want a sheriff’s office who can’t police the rest of the county as it is. Mr Sias, its not your Town see how you don’t live here. Same to you Mr. Abbey. Mr Aview, you have way too much time on your hands. Seen any flying saucers and little green men lately?

    H. Maxwell

  9. Mr. Maxwell-

    It sounds like you and Mr. Foster simply have differences in your political ideas. He would reportedly prefer the QPD to be disbanded and you would prefer to improve it. Those are just differences of opinion. The purpose of the above article was just to give the details of the settlement offer, not to offer a perspective on whether it’s a good one or not.


  10. Mr. Maxwell,

    An old friend of mine would say that you are one of the, “Don’t confuse me with facts” type of people. Mayor Foster, Russell Sias, and I my self have invested more of our time, money, and lives for the best interest of the Town of Quartzsite and its people than IMHO you and your brainwashed mind have.

    Your statements clearly show that you have spent NO time in researching the facts behind Mayor Foster’s actions or other concerned citizens of Quartzsite. It takes a true man to take the time to learn the facts before entering this fight. You again IMHO, are only barking because of the tug of your leash by your friends down in Town Hall.

    As for the recall of Mayor Foster, I have received communication form more than one reliable source that it has failed for lack of interest! Just look at the history of the Quartzsite-8, for one (available for review at http://www.aview.info ) and their 1.3 Million-Dollar settlement (more Federal Civil Right Violation Cases pending) and one can clearly see why the Police Department must go!

    Mr. Maxwell, if you can back up your rants with facts, please do so. If not, please leave Mayor Foster alone and let the people that have the knowledge you fail to have do our jobs.

    “Though one proceeds to strike oneself over the head with a book and receive a hollow thump, does not mean that the book is empty”!

    Constable Paul Staudt (Ret)
    JP-4 2008-2010 Quartzsite

  11. It will cost the Town even more money when they lose the appeal and have to pay Fosters legal bills anyway. Everyone seems to forget this was about the Town trying to declare an “emergency” that we now know from the USDA was a complete fraud, just to maliciously bypass the will of the voters on a referendum. Despite officers such as Tanakeyoma, the QPD’s reputation is and will be mud, because they kept Frausto, Paterson, Garcia…and a routine internet search would likely scare away any prospects. So instead, QPD has lost two good officers and is trying to hire (unsuccessfully), leaving the community exposed. “Where the sun comes out to play”? “Rock capitol of the world”? How about “Quartzsite, where you can get away with murder!” Just ask the friends and family of Linda Garrett. This offer was an option to avoid more illegal borrowing from the Highway User Revenue Funds and pay off the illegal borrowing previously perpetrated.

  12. Cant say I agree or disagree with the comments about the police. I think the town needs their own for sure. I see the Mayors point but it goes to far and is just selfish and only thinking of his self. I think the Mayor needs to take care of the real problem like the town manager. Come on Mayor Foster, grow some or get off the pot! I is obvious from the you tube videos of the council meetings that she is the one running the show. How can the council vote to use more Hurf funds after Bruno tells them its illegal! What are they thinking! I did not sign Fosters recall papers going around but maybe a mistake after seeing the last meeting. One thing for sure Jennifer Jones should get elected and you have my vote and many more! I hope Quartzsite gets fixed some day soon?

  13. Thank you Mike. I hope Quartzsite gets fixed someday as well. I’ve worked hard for it. Did you sign my nominating petition? https://www.azsos.gov/apps/eps/petition/VoterPetnDsply.aspx?k=40d482c7-7632-4381-ab64-6fae21aee094&l=y&s=2

    I believe Mayor Foster made the best offer he could come up with to pay of the illegal HURF and other borrowing, but he did not go into the executive session where the offer was discussed and found out a couple days later the Council turned him down. I dont know what they’re thinking, likely there not thinking at all or don’t care because it’s not their money and the don’t expect the AZ Auditor General to hold them accountable for a premeditated crime against the public.

  14. Mr. Berg,

    If I may, I think that I can help clarify the issue of the Quartzsite Police Department and help you understand what Mayor Foster, Mr. Sias, Mrs. Jones, and others know first hand. A close examination of the history of the QPD under the direction of Chief Gilbert has show that it has been little more than (IMH-Professional-Opinion) armed thugs for hire more than members of the Law Enforcement community dedicated to the concept “To Protect and To Serve.” Those QPD Officers (The Quartzsite 8) that stood up against un-lawful arrests, searches, seizures, selective enforcement, were wrongfully fired. See Federal Justice Aspey’s 60 page decision @ http://www.aview.info/A-View/Library/PDF/QPOA/COURT-FED/Civil/USC-13-11-20-2.11-CV-01637-MEA-ORDER-AV.pdf

    Those that remained have questionable backgrounds and complaints that were never investigated by proper established police procedures. One of the biggest offenders was Gilbert’s second in command, Sgt. Xavier Frausto who ordered that the victim be arrested on the verbal order of Code Enforcement Officer Al Johnson without any investigation or interview of the victim. See Court Testimony @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwv-JhJb63o in his own words. The case was dismissed and is now part of a Federal Civil Rights case against the Town of Quartzsite!

    In closing, listen for yourself at the interviews of the Q-8 fired Officers as they point out just whom within Quartzsite were targeted by Chief Jeff Gilbert and Town Officials. See @ http://www.aview.info/A-View-Index-ByName-pqr.html#QPD along with other facts! If you take the time to view the facts and records, you too will see the need for their disbandment.

    I honor the memory of a former partner and cousin that died in the line of duty living up to the ideals behind the slogan “To Protect and To Serve” to allow those that tarnish the badge to go un-questioned or made accountable!

    Constable Paul Staudt (Ret)
    JP-4 2008-2010 Quartzsite

  15. Ms. Jones,

    While Mayor Foster’s intention my have good so the speak, he has really taken the wrong path. If his true concerns were for the public and the illegal use of HURF funds, then why not go after the problem source, Town Manager Bruno. It appears quite obvious that she has either persuaded the Council Members to agree to it, or she just is doing it on her own under their noses. It would appear, and is certainly obvious that she has overspent in the general budget of the Town and has exhausted their contingency fund if there ever was one. Why isn’t the Mayor reviewing the spending pattern by the Manager and holding her accountable for that. All Mayor Foster is doing with his “special interest” backed law suit, is costing the tax payers more money out of our pockets. He IS the Mayor after all. He should concentrate on the power and influence he does have and hold Manager Bruno accountable. In my opinion, he is afraid of her for some reason. Keep up the professional fight Ms. Jones and don’t let yourself get sucked back into the drowning pool of the Town! Stay focused at the higher level of our government.

  16. Mr. Staudt,

    By your suggestion, I conducted an in depth review of your “A-View” website. I was very impressed at the work that you have done collecting and documenting the events of the past few years. At first glance, I anticipated that I would be enraged by the time I got done reading and listening to the recording. Unfortunately, I was left feeling a little empty so to speak. It was very clear Mr. Staudt that you are a very angry man who is very unsatisfied with your accomplishments, or more likely your lack of accomplishments throughout your life. As a retired professional psychologist, it is clear that you are a troubled man. I would surmise that you either failed in a career of law enforcement, or you moved from agency to agency never establishing a career. You sign your comments as a (Retired) Constable. It only took a few minutes to learn that your stent as Constable was about as short lived as your jobs in law enforcement. It is very clear by your work in A-View that you are trying to establish credibility for yourself as an investigator of sort, something you most likely never accomplished as a young man a you struggled from job to job trying to become a police officer. A telling sign is the picture you post of yourself in uniform, assuming it is really you, which provides you with a false sense of accomplishment and self worth. I was told that you applied for the Chief of Police job in Quartzsite but failed. No doubt this source of the manifestation of your anger toward the previous Chief and other officers of the police department. You are angry and find fault with their actions because you believe “you” would have been the better Chief and none of this would have happened it you were the one in charge. Your documentation of the events in A-View are as bias as you need for attention. It makes for good drama, but it leaves too much out for anyone to believe the story you are telling. Why do we not hear the testimony or interviews of the officers that supported the police department and the chief. Could it be that they tell a different side to the story you do not want know? You see Mr. Staudt, If you tell the total unbiased truth, then you are no longer the hero you so strongly want to be. Then you fail again. Mr. Staudt, failure is not a thing to be ashamed of, it is a process in the meaning of life that we learn and grow from. Success comes from loving yourself regardless of your failures. It does no good for your psyche to try and make others look bad or blame others by using the emotional stressors triggered by your perception of your perceived failures. I give you this advice as I hope you seek out professional help. I think you can channel your obvious talents as a researcher in more productive and constructive ways Mr. Stoudt, and I wish you the best of luck.

  17. Mr. Berg,

    It is a shame that you have no factual knowledge of my life history or me. If you had, you would realize just how foolish your statements have made you look in the public eye. Your first mistake was basing your statements on hearsay comments that could not be backed with facts. The facts speak for themselves and there is nothing that you can say that can change this.

    I have taken the time you fail to be willing to take, to speak the truth and back it with documented facts. If you were a psychologist as you boast, you have failed to remember the simple basics required in the long training period to become a qualified psychologist. I have a long history working with professionals in the medical field and know of NO creditable psychologist that would have attempted to make such statements without a full known and factual patient history and one-on-one interview.

    The one fact that any person with an education can see after reviewing the information related to the Quartzsite Police Department, Mayor Foster is right. It must be disbanded for the safety of the residents and visitors to the Town of Quartzsite. The civil liability is just too great at this time. Maybe in a decade or two this may change for the better.

    Thank you for giving my friends, family, and myself a good laugh at your expense. At present, I’m looking at IMHO a very foolish man sitting on the wrong side of the limb feverishly sawing away while arguing with himself. I do wish you a safe landing…

    Constable Paul Staudt (Ret)
    JP-4 2008-2010 Quartzsite


  19. John,

    Or whoever you may really be, if Richard Oldham (former Mayor of Quartzsite) had such powers as you say, then can you explain how the Town of Quartzsite Work Department, Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert without a Court Hearing, Court Order, Work Order, or without any Due Process entered upon the private property of Richard Oldham destroying a usable and active aircraft runway. View @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3q_eUGeXNE

    The entryway they used was posted “NO Trespassing”! It was reported that the Airport Manager when confronting Chief Jeff Gilbert was told that he would be arrested if he called 911. You may wish to take the time and ask your friends down at Town Hall to give you some documented facts before you make such unsubstantiated statements.

    FYI, Mr. Oldham did take legal court action (that he was denied) against the Town of Quartzsite and all parties involved…

    Constable Paul D. Staudt (Ret)
    JP-4 2008-2010 Quartzsite

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