Traffic delays on SR 72


8:30am– Motorists are experiencing some traffic delays on State Route 72 near Bouse today as a wide load is escorted along the route by Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The wide load is 365 feet long and weighs around 1.2 million pounds. Drivers are urged to use an alternate route or prepare for delays as the slow-moving cargo makes its way along the highway. It runs at roughly 15 to 20 mph, and stops at every bridge before crossing the bridge at 5 mph. There are 5 bridges on its route today.

It will reportedly depart SR 72 at Salome Road and then I-10.

UPDATE: “The permit says it is a ‘Mitsubishi Steam Turbine Generator’.  The actual generator weighs 662,000 lbs.  With the rigging, load, and four trucks needed to push it, the total weight is 1,228,000 lbs.  The length for the load alone is 365 feet.”

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