Legendary Parker Strip saloon to reopen Friday after years shut down


A Parker bar legendary for its waterfront parties decades ago is reopening for Memorial Day weekend 2014.

Rumors of Sundance Saloon’s reopening have swirled for years, with several false starts over the past year. But according to a tribute Facebook group (HERE), the riverfront saloon was ready to reopen Friday after over a decade shut down, and welcome nostalgic and new visitors from 5pm.

Sundance will be seeking to find its new place on the modern-day Parker Strip, alongside Roadrunner, Fox’s, Pirate’s Den, Sundance Outlaws, BlueWater Resort Cantina and other riverfront party spots.

Nostalgia from Sundance’s heyday in the 70s and 80s:




Photographs via Sundance Saloon Facebook page


  1. Sweet I always had a kick ass time there! I just dent care for the lam party’s… Yuck!

  2. Form party’s… Myyyyy

  3. Dammit! FOAM PATYS! Sorry I can’t spell today….ugh this iPad keeps auto correcting me… Making me sound like a dork!

  4. What about the “Titty Bar” they had upstairs… anyone remember that!? 😉

  5. I am so excited gonna be there on my way ….

  6. Dean and Dori Kuykendall

    We want to play music here this winter.!!! Looks like so much fun.!!! We played all over Az last winter but this was not open. Looking forward to finding it and Haven some fun

  7. I haven’t had a Tequila Sunrise since Sundance closed. I wish I had one of the can openers they used there on the upside down Coors. Looking at the pictures here brings back some memories, but those were young times, and now I’m old, grey, fat and married… not certain I would enjoy it as much as when I was young, slime and had lots of hair and could chase the girls. Regardless, I plan to go there just to give them a few drinks worth of funds to help move it along.

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