Parker Tube Float – 2014

As we get closer to the 37th Annual Parker Tube Float, we just want to remind everybody about a few important things for this years’ Parker Tube Float. Our main priorities are safety and trash and that you have fun, of course. Here’s a quick list of things that you need to know:

All of the following items have been in place for the last 36 years:

  • Everyone needs to register. We are promoting on-line pre-registration at our website: here.  If you are not registered: DO NOT ENTER THE SAFETY ZONE.
  • Everyone must have a life jacket. Yes, it is true that you can float on the river any other day without a life jacket (except if you are under 12). However, on June 7, 2014 from La Paz County Park to BlueWater Resort & Casino, the Parker Strip becomes an OFFICIAL UNITED STATES COAST GUARD MANDATED SAFETY ZONE.
  • Everyone must be responsible for their trash. You hauled it in; you haul it out. We will be handing out trash bags at the launch.
  • Every float must be approved by the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce. Floats must be on a trailer. NO BARRELS or DRUMS, NO PALLETS, NO GLASS. Send a picture of your float to for approval and be sure to include your pre-registration order number and group name.
  • Each registered group may have one registered vessel tied to their group for the purpose of assisting that group. Each occupant on the vessel will be registered and the operator of the vessel may not drink alcoholic beverages. Jet propelled vessels are preferred. Should you use a regular propeller vessel, you may not start the motor within 20 feet of any floaters. Boating Safety officers recommend towing from the bow.
  • Do not exit onto private property. If you do leave your group, let someone in the group know.

If there are folks out there who would like to become an official assist vessel, please contact our office at 928 669-2174. You will need to complete an in-service with Sheriff’s Boating Safety Officer, Lt. Alan Nelson, utilize our official marine banner, be issued a radio from the boating safety center and no alcoholic beverages will be allowed on our assist vessels.

This next item is new this year:

If there are folks that plan to promote their business within the safety zone during our event and you are not already an official sponsor of the 37th Annual Parker Tube Float, you will need to complete a Vendor Application Form and pay the vendor fee.

Don’t forget water, sunscreen and shoes. Thanks everyone, let’s have a fun and safe day at the 37th Annual Parker Tube Float!

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