Parker Area Tourism: Whatta Weekend it was…but now what?

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Listen…Do you hear that?

It’s the eerie silence that can only come after a weekend filled with inner tubes, friends, and too few hours of sleep. The tube float has come and gone… yes, it is over. Tubes have been deflated, ice chests emptied, and aloe vera has been applied generously to sunburned skin. The 37th Annual Parker Tube Float was bigger than ever and we’re excited to see that all the hard work has paid off. Homes were rented, rooms were booked, sites were filled and items were purchased. Fun was had on the Colorado River and the universe is happy.

In the words of a wise man, “…But now, what of the Future?”

More Floaters than ever hit the water this past Saturday morning.
More Floaters than ever hit the water this past Saturday morning

Summer 2014 has only just begun. Now I know that it seems as if summer has been around for awhile, but remember it was just a few weeks ago that we were making plans for Memorial Day weekend. Crazy.
As far as the calendar is concerned we are still in the first month of summer so there’s plenty left to be done and lots of fun to be had in the Parker Area. If you’re looking for a sneak peek of things to come this summer then get ready to Right-click-Save as AWESOME and set your phasers to FUN, because it’s only getting better on the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona!

This coming weekend is Fathers Day. Is there a better way to say thanks to dad than by a trip to the Parker Strip? No, and your pops will also agree.

Tons of fun on the Parker Strip
Tons of fun on the Parker Strip
Just a couple of the thousands of beauties on the river this past weekend
Just two of the beauties on the river this past weekend
Staying hydrated AND having fun in the sun

Not only are the refreshing waters of the Colorado River flowing full of fun, but Bluewater Resort & Casino has many events that are also sure to make it the best summer ever. Saturday, June 14th enjoy another night of LIVE comedy with funnymen Jeff Garcia, Edwin San Juan, Kenny Thomas, and Jack Assadourian. Laughing begins at 8pm and  tickets are available in the Gift Shop or online at

Also coming to the Bluewater Resort & Casino is an evening chockfull of action, it’s Cage Rage 7. MMA is at it’s best once again on Saturday, June 21st.  Tickets are available so hop online and get them while you can!

It comes by no surprise that this will be a very exciting summer to spend on the river. There’s less than 4 weeks until the next BIG holiday weekend and since July 4th falls on a Friday it’s going to be an EXTRA fun weekend! So drive safe and party responsibly.

Parker, Arizona
“Come for a Weekend…
Return for a Lifetime.”

Josh Savino
Tourism Coordinator
Parker Area Tourism

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