Former Parker resident on Today Show with ‘tankchair’ invention

A former Parker resident has been making waves in the national media with an invention designed to help his wife get around.

Brad Soden, who invented the ‘Tankchair’, appeared live on the TODAY show last week with his wife Liz to show off the contraption. The product is selling like hotcakes, and is a very Parker idea: an off-road wheelchair. Liz says the device has allowed her to accompany Brad and her family and friends on excursions she never would have been able to before.

Brad and Liz showed the Tankchair off to Matt Lauer outside the TODAY show studios at Rockefeller Plaza. See the segment here:


  1. put fire out with beer!! Classic; you shocked the libs in NYC! more shocking to them is you invent something, for the love of your woman, and they are perplexed at your capitalism and hard work.

  2. They are sending a crew to our shop on the 7th. Still can’t believe Matt said I wasn’t very smart. I think I’m going to bring that up on the live piece

  3. yes. you can have fun with ML.. Ask him to redeem himself for the insult with purchase of 2 chairs for deserving vets.

  4. Thats great and what he does for our disabled vets is heartwarming my hat is off to you

  5. Keep on keepin on Brad and Liz!!

  6. Good job Brad!! Very honorable work.

  7. Good job !! So Much respect for you..

  8. A recent Bloomberg magazine had a wonderful article about Brad and his “tankchair”. When they mentioned he came from Parker, the state was not mentioned, so assumed it was Colorado. But our “Parker”? Great!

  9. Great chair keep up the good work.

  10. That was amazing. I’m so happy for you two. We need to see you guys on Steve Harvey TV, and a few others.

  11. That’s amazing! Keep it up Brad & Liz!!!

  12. Liz I I I love You!!! I miss you!!! I tried to find you.Im so proud of you and Brad.I miss the girls too!
    Please email me or find me on Facebook Debbie Benninger/Taylor Makrdichian.

    I am so happy for you both and your sucess!! Love You guys always, Debbie

  13. Only in Parker Az. The home of community sponsored off roading! Here’s wishing the So dens all the best.

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