Police hunting Parker area burglars


La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and CRIT Police Department issued a joint press release offering some advice for residents to help prevent theft Thursday.

Lieutenant Curt Bagby said both agencies have seen a number of burglaries with similar entry methods. “In general, the focus appeared to be flat screen televisions and weapons,” he said. “At this time we have collected several items of evidence which should eventually lead us to the identity of the suspects; however, until that time, it is important for people to know that simple crime prevention on their part could assist us in catching thieves and could even prevent a crime from occurring.”

Law enforcement had the following advice for residents:

“For starters, it is very important for everyone to take the time to write down the model/serial numbers of all valuables (weapons, electronics, etc.) and store them in a safe place. Without serial numbers, investigators are unable to use the necessary tools to identify stolen property when the suspects attempt to trade or sell it. Also, taking the time to install security screen doors and motion sensor lighting in your homes can assist as a deterrent to criminals who are trying to go unnoticed.

If you are going to be, or are regularly gone for long periods of time, an alarm system is something that can help keep unwanted people out of your home. For those of you who cannot afford one, it is good to have a trusted family member or friend check your house and make it appear to be occupied.

On that same note, it is also important to remember the one fact that seems to be hard for people to comprehend. Most burglaries or thefts that occur from your home are committed by the people you trust or by people that you have allowed into your lives. If you bring a person into your home, you are essentially giving them an opportunity to shop around for items they would like to take. These people typically know your schedule, if you have alarms and what valuables you have in your home.”

Bagby said the agencies are working on the problem. “We will do our part to try to catch the burglars who have entered your homes and taken your valuables. In return, we need everyone to do their part to not make crime easy for the criminals.”


  1. hot on the job. I feel safer already.

  2. Last night I was driving home and saw two sheriff cars looking for someone with their search lights. Then I saw a guy walking along the road heading the opposite way. Scary

  3. Oh good grief so what they used the word “hunting” what difference does it make if the said searching or looking.

  4. Let’s hope they find these creeps

  5. Is parker pd also looking for the bad guys

  6. Seems almost useless…heck County Attorney won’t prosecute them!

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