Viewfinder: Robby prepares for Dakar

On and off for the past few weeks, regular Parkerite Robby Gordon has been in town, testing and practicing with his team’s Gordini HST Dakar Rally race vehicle. The highly specialized vehicle has been spotted all around the Parker area lately, and represents one of a few vehicles by American teams competing in the race through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

The race takes place in the January heat, and Robby will be testing this rig for some time before the event. He’s also been back in the #77 trophy truck last week, which all Parker off-road racing fans know well from its appearances in the Parker 425.


  1. Sandy Downen

    I don’t see HARLEY LETNER he must be in front of Robby

  2. Gil Harper

    I seen this truck flying down the middle and around Parker over the weekend. Looking for the desert I guess.

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