Parker goes dark after big storm – first day of school cancelled


Some residents and businesses now have power restored.


The first day of school has been cancelled for every school in Parker Unified School District, including Le Pera. No buses will run Monday, according to Jim Lotts. APS estimate for power now around noon.



APS technicians were reportedly at maximum capacity Sunday night as they mobilized to repair downed power lines on Mohave Road near Parker and in Quartzsite and other areas. 7 power poles went down around 4pm Sunday afternoon, along with the principal power line that serves the town of Parker. Power lines are also down near the south side of Lake Havasu City.

1,522 customers are still currently without power. Affected boundaries are Canal Street to 21st Street and Reata Avenue to Arrowhead. Upriver area power went out for some residents but is now restored.

An APS spokeperson said crews are mobilizing to restore power, with the current estimated time of restoral at noon Monday. “In order to help preserve refrigerator and freezer items, APS will be distributing dry ice to Parker residential customers impacted by the power outages,” the spokesperson said. “The distribution will take place on Monday, August 4th at the APS Service Center at 1221 Arizona Ave. The dry ice will be available at approximately 9am until 5pm or until the dry ice is all distributed. Customers are encouraged to bring a cardboard box or ice chest to transport the dry ice safely.”

APS will also reimburse for up to 40 pounds of wet/bagged ice OR 20 pounds of dry ice (however, dry ice is usually only available at Basha’s). Send receipts to APS Ice Program at PO Box 53999 Sta 3536, Phoenix AZ 85072.

Lots of people took to social media Sunday night, posting information and updates to Parker Live’s Facebook page, especially people traveling to and from the area. See below for live updates from those posts (works on most devices).

We’ll have a full summary Monday, including the total recorded rainfall, your photos and videos, and much more. Send photos and videos to < ?php echo antispambot('') ?> or post to our Facebook page HERE. Current temp: around 73.



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  1. Alan Jarvis

    how bad is flood in front of the schools?

  2. Teri Gary

    Guess our Aps rates will go up to pay for those poles.

  3. Eddie Stein

    The river. Parker strip havasu. Check sites

  4. Sabina Mohr

    Big River got it bad, posted video of wash we couldn’t cross

  5. Anyone know how Desert Riviera homes held up?

  6. TOWN is still currently out, this SUCKS

  7. Parker and Big River hit very hard!!!!

  8. APS did even start to work on the poles until after 11:30 pm. Where in the were they for 7 1/2 HOURS! The Phoenix office said they did not know why that was but three of their trucks were at mc donalds from 9:00 to 10:00 pm. I guess they get a lunch after doing NOTHING for 5 hours. The want rate hikes but they will not replace the antiquated equiptment and rotten old poles.

  9. it appears that the power was restored for me around 7:38 AM today August4, 2014.

  10. Darrel Wilson, I find it very your rude and very ignorant that you chose to bash the guys who have been working around the clock to provide your home with power, lights and air conditioning. Let me give you a little insight. APS technicians were working on power outages in Wenden long before Parker lost their power.. I know it may seem odd, but people can only be in one place at one time. Once they were done restoring Wenden, they attempted to rush back to Parker to begin restoration here (this being after most of them had worked near 15 straight hours, which is the maximum time they are legally allowed to drive) however were caught in the washes that didn’t allow them to get through right away. These men worked around the clock to help our town restore power and because of them and ONLY them, are we able to enjoy life as before without stressing about having children with no AC and jobs that are re opened for people to be able to go to work.. And maybe there were APS trucks at mcdonalds, after the hours they put in over the last two days, I would hope they deserve at least a lunch break… Storms happen and power goes out! It’s life! Instead of complaining, be grateful that it’s only temporary and thank those who restored it!

  11. Ok, I try not to take things personal when people bash APS but when people make uninformed comments like Mr. Darryl Wilson I will speak up. You wanna know where APS crews were for 7 hours before coming to work on down poles in Parker? They weren’t sitting around at home I’ll tell you that! They were in wenden fixing down poles there since 6 am yesterday morning! My dad worked from 6am-10pm last night to make sure the people of la Paz county had power. so if he stopped off at mcdonalds with some of the other men to eat at mcdonalds because they hadn’t eaten all day you’re damn right they have every right to do so. My father and his co-workers go out in every storm and risk their lives so you and your family have AC! So don’t you dare get online bashing them when you have absolutely no idea where they were or what they were doing!! Hopefully you stay nice and cool today while my dad along with all the other APS employees go BACK out today to ensure the power stays on!!

  12. Brittany, Tell your dad and all the rest of them…THANK YOU! Your dad is awesome! 😉

  13. Thanks Lori 🙂 as you can see my mouth hasn’t changed much hahahaha

  14. Want to add a large thank you to all the APS workers for their time, caring, and hard work under adverse conditions. THANK YOU.

  15. California route 177 is closed at Desert Center, what about CA 95 to Blythe or SR 95 (AZ) to Quartzite…are either of those routes open?

  16. Thank you APS workers!! On way sooner that I expected. Anyone know official rain totals? I figure I had over 2 inches here at my house in town.

  17. 2.4 inches total rainfall recorded at the offical NWS station at KLPZ 1380am.

  18. Haven’t heard of any restrictions on those routes, or on the road through the Parker Valley (via Ehrenberg).

  19. Thank you for sharing RayeAnn & Brittany. I sure am glad you both had details to back the APS crew. Please tell your dad & his coworkers a BIG THANK YOU for their hard work in restoring our power especially in the dangerous circumstances. May they always stay safe. I sure am thankful to have my power back on thanks to them.

  20. The waiting an hour at McDonalds could very well have been waiting for the order. McDonalds is small and was short staffed. My daughter worked 17 hours staying 9 hours after her shift was over because the demand was so high. She was telling me that the computer system was overwhelmed by the volume. They were not able to get anyone co come in due to the storm, and low wage scale (most of the employees walk to work.)

  21. thank you aps workers, I work at post office in blythe my mail route is 95 n. to vidal jct. I couldn’t run today they had 95 closed at 2nd ave. lot of clean up hopefully tomarrow sheriffs will let me threw, as the saying goes the mail must go through.

  22. Caltrans has a phone number you can call I don’t no if it works in ariz. though 916-654-2852 give them the hwy. number and they can give you update

  23. The guy at mcdonalds was actually just getting ready to head back out to work. He had worked all Saturday night and got off at 8am and was going back to relieve the guys that were maxed out on their hours according to ADOT.

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