Sunday Storm Summary: 2.4 inches of rainfall

Traffic delays, power outages and cancelled school: an ordinary Sunday turns to chaos and drama – photos below


August’s first Sunday turned out to be an eventful one, with buckets of rain dumping over the deserts of the Parker area within the space of a few hours, leaving chaos in its wake.

KLPZ 1380am’s National Weather Service station in the town of Parker, AZ recorded 2.4 inches of total rainfall Sunday, which owner Keith Learn says is the most from a single day or single storm in station records.

The results were dramatic: streets flooded, traffic delayed, a bridge closed, a truck overturned, power out, school cancelled, employees sent home. Temperatures dropped from the average 107 degrees to just 73 in the evening aftermath.

“A trampoline landed on my roof”

“People are stranded on 62”

“Just stay home everyone!”

“Glad we came up two days early”

Parker Live received hundreds of comments and shares on its Facebook page from people travelling to and from the Parker area, sharing information about the latest conditions. Major routes were closed at various times, including Highway 62 to the west, Highway 95 in and out of Lake Havasu City, the road bridge across the Colorado River between Parker and Earp, CA. I-10 was backed up bumper-to-bumper for 30 miles near Chiriaco Summit and Desert Center after the eastbound right lane gave way and crumbled.

APS responded to downed power lines in Havasu, Parker and Quartzsite, mobilizing crews and commencing dry ice procedures to help protect refrigerated and frozen food. Overall the power was out from around 4pm Sunday until around 7:30am Monday morning. Still, it wasn’t restored in time to save the first day of school. Parker Unified School District made the decision around 4:30am to cancel the first day of the 2014/15 school year, giving area kids an extra day of summer.

“Part of the road over a wash collapsed”

“Big River got it bad, we couldn’t cross”

“Have never seen it like this before”

“Please everyone be safe”

The bridge between Parker and Earp was closed completely for a time when water pooled between concrete construction barriers on the California side. Police then opened the bridge for traffic going to Big River, CA but not to Highway 62 which remains closed at this hour from Twentynine Palms to the junction of US 95 at Vidal Junction due to flooding (via Caltrans).

La Paz County reportedly sent employees home and shut its doors for the day, but LPC Public Works crews were seen all over the County Sunday night and Monday morning, working to clean up and keep roads open and provide signage for motorists on various routes as the County dried out.

“This had us stuck in traffic for an hour”

“Get a hotel room, you’ll never make it”

“I’ve lived here for 33 years and never seen this”

“Thank you APS workers!”

The following photos were posted to Facebook by Cynthia H, Ingrid S, Shane H, Orlando S, Vicki L, GD T, Jade Z, John N, Michelle K, Robin C, Melissa N, Melissa Wright Photography, Fidel C, Keith Learn, Rosanna P, Bregitte P, Connie R Star and Meeshell L.



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  1. Rudy Gonzales

    We had the same thing happen in our area – basement was flooded. Actuqlly, we had a bit more rain in a shorter period of time.

  2. Debra Vitali

    WOW!!!! I’m out of town and missed the whole thing. Hope Rice Rd is open soon so I can get back home to Parker the quickest way!!!

  3. Karen Evans

    Rice Road closed. I-10 to Blythe will get you to Parker today.

  4. Cyndee Geary Monts

    Had to go home thru quartzite. Poston rd closed too. Extra hour to get home.

  5. Isabella Moreno Mariscal

    Does anybody know if highway 72 to parker is open

  6. August 12, 1982…..worst storm ever……wiped Big River out. We got 4 inches in 4 hours and I still have the Parker Pioneer to prove it!

  7. Laurie Wise

    As far as I know (living outside of Bouse) 72 is open

  8. Thanks for keeping us updated and informed through all the madness John!!

  9. Anne Hazel McPhail Nobles

    Look at these pictures, did not realize there was this much damage. My brother is in lake Havesu with his kids.

  10. Nikki Mansfield

    Carissa Rash Tyler Rae guess we picked the right weekend to be in parker! made it out just in time! look at all of these pictures!

  11. Tyler Rae

    Nikki Mansfield oh crap haha

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