Parker Treasure Hunt: August


Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros came up with an idea recently: why not hide an item and give clues to where it is every day for a month, and offer a cash prize for finding it? So here it is, the Parker Treasure Hunt. Clues will appear on KLPZ 1380am’s morning show every day, and then on this page (below) one day later. The item is hidden within Parker city limits and has Lane’s logo on it. You can bring it to Lane’s and trade it for $100 if you find it. It’s that simple. Happy hunting!


8/4 – I’m in the city, there is no doubt. You’ll drive near me when you’re out and about.

8/5 – I’m closer than you think to a certain school. History teaches Ben Franklin was nobody’s fool.

8/6 – The traffic is heavy some times of the day, I find it best to stay out of the way.

8/7 – It made me smile when he kissed his new wife. He said he would love her for the rest of his life.

8/8 – I’m not in the shade, I’m not in a house, did I ever tell you I’ve been to Bouse?

8/11 – Why do you think he hid me right here? I’m not close to downtown. Are you getting near?

8/12 – Still looking, I hope, to find the great treasure. My surroundings sure seem to bring you great pleasure…

8/13 – They all seem to yell at the end of the day, they run and get crazy in the funniest way.

8/14 – I sure do get thirsty as I roast in the sun. Do humans really get to have all the fun?

8/15 – What’s that smell? Someone is cookin’. I would like to think you’re all still a-lookin’!

8/18 – I hear of a man that was related to Jerry, I think it was because he decided to marry.

8/19 – I can’t understand the draw to a cat, but they seem to love it and that’s about that.

8/20 – He stood and he looked at the fence to the west. Lane hid me well, he gave it his best.

8/21 – They stand to the north, they stand to the south. They sure make a mess when the wind blows all about.

8/22 – I lay and I wonder what’s taking so long? My world is surrounded by a substance so strong.

8/25 – It’s a shape where I am that is all anew, Lane says it will soon have something that’s blue.

8/26 – Just look at the shape and the marks all around, make sure it is tight, it can’t move around.


WINNER! For the past week, Lane says hunters have been within a foot of the prize marker, which was in the volleyball court near Pop Harvey Park in Parker. Some people were even spotted with shovels in the area. Fred V. picks up the $100! Another hunt coming in September.


  1. Do we call the station if we find it to receive the cash or is the cash actually at the location of the clues?

  2. You’d bring the item to Lane’s and he’ll exchange it for cash.

  3. Samantha Douglas

    Is it a different item/location per day or do all clues in the month lead up to the one item in the month?

  4. These clues make me wanna punch someone in the face 😀

  5. thinking hard on this one John!

  6. I predict someone will find it next week. Keep looking, you are closer than you think.

  7. Lane can you tell me if I’m the one who’s close????

  8. Someone was really close last week….

  9. Can you tell us how large or small the item is that has the Lane’s Logo on it? I mean are we looking for a thimble sized object or boulder size….

  10. bigger than a thimble, smaller than the hubble telescope.

  11. Well, that totally narrows it down for me, thanks!! 🙂


  13. thanks!

  14. Lane, just wanted you to know I wasn’t upset earlier, just being my normal sarcastic self! I am enjoying the hunting although after a clue is given I just know I have it figured out then go hunting and find out I don’t, ha ha. I think this is a great way to get us to take a closer look at our town and learn about our history.

  15. you say its in town, but not downtown. can you hint? South/West/East or North side of town?

  16. The clues we have given should have you within striking distance. Use your Sherlock Holmes instincts and make me proud.

  17. Lane,

    Have you been out lately and checked the location to make sure it’s still there? Let me know when you go and I’ll go with 🙂

  18. I was going to ask the same thing as Kassie, have you checked to make sure the item is still there, with the wind and the rain or a kid may have found it and ran off with it??

  19. On Lanes Facebook the ending to the first clue is “you’ll drive by me when you’re out and about” but the clue on this page says “You’ll drive near me when I’m out and about”. The word changes of “by” and “near” make a small difference but the words “I’m” and “your” make a big difference. What clue is correct?

  20. when your out and about. Wow someone likes details. 🙂

  21. Thanks for the clarification.

  22. Lane and KLPZ Staff,
    The fact that the posts on this website are incorrect is very disappointing. The difference is huge and completely changes the thought process of where it might be located and in turn has resulted in wasting time looking in areas that now don’t make sense.
    Also, it is stated that the clues would post daily on this website, which they haven’t, in addition no where in the rules above does it state to look at or check Lanes Facebook page.
    Some of us don’t have the luxury of listening to the radio broadcast daily to get the clues so we expect to see and have the clues posted correctly and daily. If not on the weekends at least Monday thru Friday.
    I know I’m not the only one who has spent time and gas looking for this item but if you want to have a fun activity like this it should be fair for all and the rules followed.
    So from the very first clue posted we have been looking for something that is mobil because that’s what the clue implies. Now 3 weeks into this we find out that the clue is not correct.
    I realize this is all for fun but it’s not fun when you’re given the wrong information and lack there of.

  23. Is it a newspaper lol

  24. Very well stated “Disappointed”.

  25. While I do agree with some of the recent comments made, I think the clues are specific enough to get us all to the right area, in fact I know so because I’ve seen treasure hunters. If you want to hear the clues as soon as they come out then you need to turn your radios on folks! I can tell you I’ve been one of the dedicated people out there looking and “wasting” gas but in the long run I’m having fun and I have learned a thing or two in the process. It’s only a game and if you don’t like the way it’s played, then don’t play. More opportunity for the rest of us.

  26. I agree with “Disappointed”. The words “when I’m out and about” imply a moving object. The difference between “I’m out and about” and “your (should be you are or you’re by the way) out and about” is HUGE and not a little detail as Lane implies.

  27. Hi guys- Just saw this little controversy. There was indeed a discrepancy in the very first clue (though I’m not sure how much difference it makes to the hunt, especially when it took almost 3 weeks for anyone to notice!) As ‘Confused’ points out, here is the discrepancy:

    “I’m in the city, there is no doubt. You’ll drive near me when I’m out and about” – Parker Live

    “I’m in the city, there is no doubt, you’ll drive by me when you’re out and about” – Lane’s FB

    The correct clue, as Lane gave it to me, is:

    “I’m in the city, there is no doubt, you’ll drive near me when you’re out and about.”

    I apologize for any confusion on my end; Lane’s site didn’t have it exactly right either. I’ve checked through the rest of the clues and they’re all good. I’m not sure that it makes much sense to think of this item as ‘mobile’ because of your interpretation of one word in one clue, but I accept that you must have confidence in the clues and they need to be right.

    (With regard to when the clues are posted, Parker Live suffered a little caching issue which meant that the automatic update to this page didn’t happen as it should have; all is up-to-date now. And just to clarify: yes it’s updated Mon-Fri only.)

    See what your treasure hunt got me into Lane? 😉

  28. The clues are supposed to be a day behind, but looking at what’s posted as of today, the clues are still a day off. Please ensure that the right information is being posted.

  29. Michael- The clues are up-to-date and the right information is posted.

  30. to those that are complaining…….Lane did not have to start this game in the first place.
    If you don’t like it, or it is wasting your gas, or the clues aren’t specific enough for you, the solution is simple…..Quit playing.
    Most of us are enjoying the puzzle and look forward to the next clues.
    So thank you Lane.

  31. It’s all about having fun! People have been out and looking around and are getting close. if you prefer, we have a separate Facebook event under The Great Parker Treasure Hunt. We are doing this for several months, if it doesn’t come off perfect the first month, my apologies. Remember friends, it’s all about having a good time and learning a little more about town. FYI, it will never be mobile, it will be in the city limits unless we tell you differently.
    To our friends that commented on wasting gas…do what I like to do, ride your bike or take a walk around town.
    Though for the day, Smile, it makes your friends wonder what you are up to.

  32. Just wanted to share something with everyone, the gazebo for the park that got damaged last year is finished at the builder. We will be picking it up in the next couple of weeks and hope to have it installed by early October if all goes well. Looking forward to getting it installed before the holidays roll around. It should look fantastic with lights on it. I promise not to hide the marker on it. 🙂

  33. It is fun and THANK YOU for giving us something different to do, Lane.

  34. Thought for sure it was in the sandbox Pop Harvey park, but couldn’t find it. Some one just has to find it tomorrow. I’m going out of town, so good luck to all the rest.

  35. Oh, and thanks Lane. Great job.

  36. Damn, you’d think some people got cheated out of a lottery jackpot. It’s a fun deal that promotes a local business as well as the community.

  37. Here, here!!

  38. Has someone found it yet

  39. It was still there friday night, I checked on it. Keep looking;)

  40. I would just like to make a suggestion, would it be possible next month if the clue was read at the same time every morning? I waited for over 45 minutes this morning to hear the clue and I still didn’t get to hear before I had to go to work. Some days it is read at 7:30 and then some days not until 9:00, it’s a little ridiculous! And I’m not trying to complain, because I love the idea of the treasure hunt and I thank Lane so much for doing this, it’s very enjoyable. But when some of us don’t have the luxury of listening to the radio at our homes or our workplaces, sitting in your car for 45 minutes trying to listen to the clue is not enjoyable.

  41. I’ve passed your suggestion on to Keith. Often radio stations will stagger promo stuff around (like chances to win, or the ‘secret code’ or the special song) to encourage people to listen for longer! But Keith says he’ll try to give the clues before 8am.

  42. Thanks for a good workout Lane – I took a shovel and dug around in the sand of the swing set area for an hour this afternoon. No prize for my efforts, but I worked off a few calories!

  43. That’s funny! Wow! I thought someone would have found it by now!You really need to listen to the clues tomorrow and Weds. You will be able to walk right up to it.I Have next month’s clues ready. Someone had better find this one fast!

  44. Congrats to Freddy. It was just found!!! Thanks for the entertainment Lane. When will next months game start?

  45. Congrats to Freddy, I GUESS!! Kudos to him and all the other treasure hunters out there! And thanks to Lane for thinking this up and putting the time, effort and brain power into setting it up! BRING ON THE NEXT ONE!!

  46. We will start the next one on Sept. 2, good luck! You may have to ask some of the old timers in town for some help on this one. I can remember when….

  47. Was it in plain sight?

  48. Nope, in the sand in the volleyball court. Hence the term, buried treasure. The B and the F on the sides pointed right to it. BTW-we will have the pads for the volleyball court next week, and yes, they are blue.

  49. Thanks again everyone for participating, hope we get a lot more people invloved in the new few months.

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