To The Editor: Let’s build a trapshooting range!


“I am trying to get La Paz County to build a trapshooting range at the County shooting range in Bouse, AZ. I have been in contact with the Board of Supervisors and presented all the financial information they would need. I laid it out where they could build the facility with grant money. They could get a nice facility at very little cost. Last winter I set up an impromptu shooting group that showed much interest. I also showed the County where they could make money from this.

I am looking for support from the community to encourage the County to build this. This has been basically a snowbird event. I plan to start shooting in October. I have about 15 people from last year who will be shooting again this year. We set up a real primitive facility at the shooting range with a lot of enthusiasm. I have not talked to anyone who was not in favor of this, including the Board of Supervisors.

I would like to meet with you and any one else that would influence the Board to build this. I can be reached by phone at (928) 851-1904.”

Don F.

I’ve shot clay pigeons before. They’re a splendid alternative to real pigeons (though I may have shot one of those once before too – it’s a long story). But since I don’t know much about trapshooting ranges myself, Don, I figured I’d throw this one out to the wonderful Parker Live readership and see if anyone has an interest in helping you set this up.

I suspect that any obstacle you may have encountered has less to do with opposition to trapshooting or to the idea of a range and more to do with its position on the County’s financial priority list. Maybe you can get some help moving it up that list. And if grant writing has a part to play in it, then you can add to my suspicions the possibility of what I would call ‘grant writing phobia’, a condition that affects a good percentage of public sector and nonprofit employees at any given time. (They get the shakes. Twitches and slurred speech. It’s horrible.)

Anyway, I’m sure you guys can get this done one way or another. If anyone can help Don, please give him a call!

And while we’re talking about the County budget, I’d like to acknowledge the Board of Supervisors for funding the important work of Parker Area Tourism, Parker Area Chamber of Commerce and La Paz County Economic Development Corporation for another year. As Mary Hamilton pointed out, they’re the ‘sales force’ of the area and play a vital role in helping drive the local economy. The Board made a great decision to match their funding to these entities for another year, and Parker Live appreciates a good decision when we see it.

Finally – and completely unrelated to all of the above – I don’t know how I missed THIS great Onion article about Poston Internment Camp last year, but it made me smile this week. ‘“The celebration is mandatory,” Lowry added.’ Classic.



UPDATE from Don 9/29/2014:

Trap shooting will start again in Bouse at the La Paz County range some time in late October or the first of November with the same set up as last winter. We have a battery operated thrower and patio blocks for the stations. It is crude but it works. I would like to start mid October but it is not totally up to me. If there is enough interest in mid October we will start. The County is moving forward with trying to get grant money from the NRA to build a proper trap facility at the shooting range. They will be submitting a grant request by the end of this month. Then we just wait. I do not know how long it will take to get an answer from the NRA. I want everyone to keep a positive attitude, Like I have done for 1 year so far. If any one has any questions they can contact me, Don Fisher at 928-851-1904


  1. Trenton Bonney

    I think that is a great idea!!!!

  2. Dave Hucklebridge

    I will help we need a place to shoot .

  3. Scotty Draper

    Its a great idea. It is a high school sport and can bring scholarships for local kids. And also give people the opportunity to go to the world shooting complex. Check out the American trapshooting association

  4. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    Another good idea is a roller skating rink. These kids in this town need something to do besides go to the movies and rupertos for entertainment. Everyone likes to rollerskate, even adults and its good exercise.

  5. Jane Kendall

    Good idea Lawny a place where they can either skate or roller blade with arcade games. Have skate-a-thons to raise money for different events.

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