Man shoots at Sheriff deputies, standoff lasts hours


A standoff lasting hours between cops and a suspect in an Ehrenberg home ended Saturday after a successful “tactical entry”.

On Saturday (August 9th), La Paz County Sheriff Deputy Sergeant D. Schlecht and Deputy R. Rosado responded to an Ehrenberg residence in regards to a disturbance. According to the Sheriff’s Office, upon their arrival Vincent Marlowe walked out onto the front porch with a pistol and shot at the deputies as they approached the home.

The deputies quickly took cover and secured the immediate area. Marlowe then re-entered the home and allegedly shot several other rounds in multiple directions endangering the other occupants within the neighborhood.

Due to the seriousness of the situation and the fact that Marlowe was armed and barricaded, Sergeant Schlecht had the command staff notified and requested other agency support.

For the next 3 to 4 hours, the suspect was contained within the residence while the officers on scene evacuated the immediate area. The perimeter remained in place until the Lake Havasu tactical team arrived and began negotiations.

At approximately 6:30 pm, when all negotiations had failed, a tactical entry was made and Marlowe was successfully taken into custody without further incident.


The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office command staff, Commander L. Irwin and Lieutenant C. Bagby, were on scene to assist in assembling the multi-agency assignment. Commander Irwin said he wanted to recognize how effectively a dangerous situation can be handled when multiple agencies work together. “On this particular incident, we had perimeter assistance and containment from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office and the Blythe Police Department,” he said. “We had tactical assistance from the Lake Havasu City Police Department tactical team and the Ehrenberg Fire Department and the American Medical Response (AMR) staged nearby ready to provide medical assistance if needed.”

Vincent Marlowe was arrested and booked into the La Paz County Detention Facility for two counts of attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer. He is currently being held on a $250,000 bond.


  1. David Bull

    reminds me of my dispatching days …. you were always concerned sending your fellow workmates to situations … god job stay safe

  2. Another Winner in the game of life!

  3. Finally, he is in jail! He murdered a young 16 yr old 4 yrs ago in California. He tried to kill law enforcement, this and the murder of the 16 yr proves he has no regard for life!! Hopefully this time they will be able to punish him
    since they can’t do anything about the murder of the 16 yr old. Maybe because it is law enforcement he tried to
    kill they will punish him!!!!

  4. Shut up terry rocha

  5. Hear this knucklehead was given a plea agreement of less than 10 years? For the attempted murders of policemen? I’ve seen victimless drug crimes get more than that. What an embarrassment to this community. Why is this not reported on?

    “Attention criminals, tired of committing crimes and being duly punished for them? Come to La Paz County, we’ll host you in the Gray Bar Inn for a night and kick you loose with probation. Forget mandatory sentencing requirements, they don’t apply here.. La Paz County – Future Limited, cause that’s how we always done it round here.”

    Get real La Paz County Attorney’s Office, what an embarrassment to our legal system. Sounds like an open and shut case to me. Why does nobody seem to pay attention to these egregiously soft sentences? Jackie Nelson conviction rings a bell too. Something stinks, and it’s not the annual drawdown…

  6. @Terry Rocha, You have the wrong guy for the murder case. & @Stinkfist this was his first offense, and he has already served a year and a half and still has 7 and a half more to go. He was and still is a young adult and I am NOT condoning his actions and I am extremely happy no one got injured or killed but this story has been just a little bit embellished by the law enforcement. And yes I do know first hand. I am the Mother of the person not mentioned, the person involved in the disturbance that initially brought the La Paz County Sheriff to the residence. Most of this story is accurate but like I stated in the beginning, all though it is a serious incident it was not quit as severe as we are led to believe. For example they never mention he had been under age drinking all that day and I don’t mean just beer, I mean hard liquor. And that had a lot to do with the cause of his actions (again not condoning his actions). They also don’t mention after the initial shots (in the air not aimed) there were no more shots fired. They also fail to mention he was passed out at the time of apprehension. He is actually a decent kid that just needed a little help and guidance, in which he is getting where he is currently serving his sentence. But that does not mean he deserves to spend the rest of his young and/or mature life behind bars. He deserves to watch his 2 young children grow up at some point in their lives as they should be able to at some point get to know their Father. People make mistakes and yes they deserve punishment, but he DID NOT injure nor kill anyone and I feel 9 years of his young adult life is sufficient punishment and is equal to the crime. He is already a better man now then when he was booked into the Detention Center. He studied and earned his diploma and he is trying to make amends to anyone he might have caused anguish or heartache thought out his teen or young adult years . Just imagine how much more he can and will better himself in 9 years total. I know he will be a remorseful, rehabilitated and educated man when he is released back into society at the finale of his total term. And for that reason alone I am grateful he ONLY got a 9 year sentence!!!

  7. T. Lee- For the record, I believe people can improve themselves as you suggest, and the best form of justice is the one that returns a better person to society after they’ve fulfilled their obligations. Good luck

  8. Dominick. Mutha f**n MARLOWE.

    Hey terry rocha. Go f*** your self. You don’t know s**t about my fucken brother or what he’s been thru. So stfu you internet worrior. And thank cuz gabe!

  9. John,
    I would really appreciate it if you could post an update to some of these critical incidents, such as sentencing details or the outcome of the cases. We would like to know, especially given the gravity of the election year and the manner in which those elected to serve us are handling violent crime in the county.

    Thank you.

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