V22 Osprey in training exercises at Parker Airport

This is a Bell Boeing V22 Osprey at Parker Airport, captured Monday by frequent Parker Live media contributor Michael Collins.

The V22 Osprey is a military tiltrotor aircraft, acting as both a helicopter (at times) and an airplane (at other times). It was developed as a joint effort by Bell Helicopter and Boeing in 1983, aimed at allowing vertical takeoffs and landings – including landing in places a plane couldn’t – and also allowing the higher cruising speeds and performance of a turboprop plane.

Various military aircraft are being used locally by a company based in Parker, AZ which provides training programs for the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marines are deploying the Osprey and have used it in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Libya.

Marines have been involved in parachuting and other exercises for several months in Parker, and are now training with the Osprey, with takeoffs and landings at Parker Airport.

Thanks to Brian Parker for allowing Mike to capture this footage.


  1. Pam Dutiel Stryker

    Saw this land yesterday. Talk about amazing!!!!

  2. Charlotte Phillippi

    We watched it fly over our place on the river. Wished we could have watched it land. We watched the propellers change directions. Pretty awesome.

  3. It’s U.S. Marine Corps NOT U.S. Marines Corp.

  4. Donna Roper

    It’s U.S. Marine Corps NOT U.S. Marines Corp.

  5. Donna Roper

    I know but it says MarineS Corps. Sorry, I’m being picky because my father was a Marine and it’s personal for me. Great and informative article though!

  6. Donna Roper

    Thank you 🙂 You’re the best!

  7. Cindy Robinson-Ritter

    We saw this plane yesterday. It flew low over the lake by Black Meadow Landing.

  8. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    A freind of ours took this video at our small airport in Parker AZ. We have had special forces / U.S. Marine Corp, training out here for bout a year. Its touches my heart to see these young boys training and putting their lives at risk to support our country. If we happen to see them in town, we should all make them feel welcome and proud to have them here. We had a group of 9 boys eating at bobby ds diner and a customer picked up all of their checks. What a great act of kindness. Thank you for that and we should all pay it forward for these young boys. And for those who were complaining a few months ago about these very fit boys being seen without shirts on! Come on, get a life. They work very hard for our country to get those fit bodies, we want to see it! I dont hear anyone complaining about fit girls running around in their bikinis. We are at the river, its hot out here. If ya got it, show it off! Oh, but if ya eat at bobby ds or crossroads, ya gotta wear a shirt. Lol. Again, a huge WELCOME from lawny, bobby d, and all of our staff. We are so proud to be serving you at our restaurants and PROUD to have you training in our town of Parker AZ.

  9. Dave Meeks

    Saw a vertical landing from Walmart parking lot. Pretty cool.

  10. Michael Mott

    I just wanna know when did we become an armed service training center ?

  11. Jane Kendall

    I shared this with my 2nd cousin who works for boeing, he said the look pretty cool. I wanna ride.

  12. Why does it matter when we became a place for my Marine Corps to train Michael Mott?

    As Lawny mentioned in her comments, it’s a welcomed addition to this town and it’s beneficial to our economy. These men and women VOLUNTEER to serve and protect all of us.!!!!Appreciate them!!!! Be thankful for them!!!!!

    They started training here in April of this year and being a former Marine I’ve spoken to several of them since. They are mainly Reconnaissance. This is considered the Elite group of specialized Marines. Their training is similar to that of the Navy Seals but get much less publicity and notoriety. They actually go in to a targeted area prior to most operations and gather all the needed intelligence, then a plan is formulated and then the plan is executed.

    These young men are giving their lives so we can have a peaceful country, say hi to them, be friendly towards them, show them respect and thankfulness for what they are doing. This motivates them and keeps them training hard.

    I’m thankful for their presence here and for serving our country, everyone should be!!!!!!

    Semper Fi!!!!

    P.S. As Lawny mentioned, if you’re offended in anyway by fit men running around with their shirts off you must be one of the fat… beer bellied fools that should be ashamed to take off your shirt but you do anyway…now that is offensive and disgusting!!!

  13. They train here because there isn’t as much air traffic and nothing to destroy if a jumper gets off course. I heard at some point they would like to have a get together for the community to show what they are doing here.

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