Viewfinder: Jeep on fire

Wow. A Jeep Grand Cherokee went up in flames suddenly moments after the engine cut out at the corner of 12th Street and California Avenue in Parker. The woman driving got out of the vehicle as she pulled it into this parking spot and had to stand and watch horrified as it burned in front of her.




Photos via Josh Savino


  1. Raelee Cornelius

    My car caught fire about five years ago. Scary

  2. Twyla Sorensen

    this is by El Sarape isn’t it? I see the jerky place.. poor lady..I feel badly for her

  3. Joaquin Vences

    I just saw this car yesterday it belongs to my moms neighbor…’s pretty crazy from the inside.

  4. Dae Dae

    Shouldnt be doing doughnuts…

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