Viewfinder: RV fire near Roadrunner

A fifth-wheel motor coach was gutted by flames this weekend near Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar in the RV park. These photos show the damage to the RV, and the final photo shows fire / smoke damage to the RV next to it. Photos via Nick Danger





photo 2

photo 1

photo 3


  1. Julie Ortiz

    Please set up an account at http://www.gofundme for this family to help them through this horrible situation. With this site, people can make donations via credit xard and I believe paypal..

  2. Nick Danger

    Buckskins FD Finest (y)

  3. It was a motor coach and not a fifth wheel, and the man lost everything and his dog. Donations are being accepted at the bar to help these men get back on their feet. Clothing and money are accepted. Anything you can give will help out.

  4. Doug Pierre

    Been there myself ! Havasu springs about twenty years ago. 🙁

  5. Melanie Rice

    So sad.. I’ll be there next weekend and collecting clothes and goods to take. So tragic

  6. To clarify, the vehicle that burned was indeed an Alfa 5th Wheel Trailer, as originally reported, not a motor coach. The 5th wheel hitch is clearly visible on the far left in the 5th photo. There was heat/smoke damage to a secondary vehicle parked next door…a motor coach (Southwind Class A motorhome) pictured in the final photo.

  7. Thanks for that. Should’ve trusted my source! 🙂

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