To The Editor: Caterpillar Avalanche


“What on earth are all those yellow caterpillars doing all over the roads? It’s like an avalanche of them! An invasion! Please tell us what they are.”

– Many On The Highway

Well, MOTH, there’s no denying it, these critters are everywhere. Within just a few days, it seems the desert ecosystem is full of yellow caterpillars, all moving, going somewhere, for some reason, with some kind of purpose.

Generally, they’re a couple of inches long, they’re yellow with black stripes and bits of red, and if you don’t like bugs, they’ll creep you the hell out.

According to the Experts Who Know Things, this is a migration of the white-lined sphinx caterpillar, which move around this time every year, although this year would appear to be particularly prominent in the Parker area. So, if this migration is anything to go by, we should be seeing a lot of white-lined sphinx moths sometime soon, MOTH.

The white-lined sphinx moth is often compared to a hummingbird, due to its flying pattern and looks. It can also have a wingspan of up to 5 inches.

Anyway, I can’t figure out where they’ll all going. If anyone cares to follow them and let us know, please do in the comments section below! And thanks for the question, MOTH.



  1. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    They are making a stop at crossroads parking lot. Dont those creepy catapillars turn into beautiful butterflies?

  2. Carrie Burns

    They turn into ugly gray moths!!

  3. There probably looking for trees to cocoon in , with fewer trees too hide in , more sightings 😉

  4. Ronna Doty Arias

    oh cool the big moths ,, they are so big too lolol

  5. Maggie Solorzano

    Ugggg estan donde kiera k ascooooooo

  6. Jess Cornell Murphy

    Actually, the moths are quite beautiful. They’re nicknamed “hummingbird” moths.

  7. Candida Duckey

    Moths really??? I was told butterflies…I said so their ugly begore their pretty. Ugh

  8. Jake Weeks

    My mom’s yard is infested with those things haha :p

  9. Is there an echo in here?

  10. Buni Harvey Hooper

    Gingerbread kids are in science heaven! They love them. !

  11. Haha, I don’t know what’s happening with the double comments – fixed – for now!

  12. Carole Mackey

    I have a photo of one on my yellow bells. The moth is kinda pretty

  13. EttaMae Williams Svider

    We saw then by the Chinese restaurant Friday night. Creepy is right!!!

  14. Ellen Woodring

    Jonna Esquerra…hehehehhe

  15. Reminds me of the grasshopper infestation in the late 90s.

  16. Oh my! They are all over the animal shelter! Ewww!

  17. It’s a sign of new beginning. It’s beautiful.

  18. Jonna Esquerra

    think i’ve even seen them around the waterslide at the casino! dang, they are everywhere!!!

  19. Jane Kendall

    Are any of them poisonous? My landscaper said he saw several in someone’s yard the other day of different colors. Yellow, some green ect.

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