Dog found in Big River

This male chocolate lab was found in Big River this morning on Rio Vista Close to town. He has no collar, no dew claws, trimmed toes. He is very friendly. Probably a hunting dog. If this is your dog please contact Mary Hamilton at (760) 238-6773.

lab lab01


  1. UPDATE: This precious canine has no chip. He will be fostered in an effort to give the owners a chance to claim him, then he will be adopted out. He is approximately 6-8 years old, un-neutered and in good health. He has manicured toes and his dew claws have been removed.

  2. Did you find this sweet ones owners?

  3. No Meeshell. Nobody has claimed this awesome dog.

  4. Anybody come and get the sweet boy yet?

  5. did you find his home yet? Poor baby. xo-

  6. I found that dog, also in big river last year, I went to the park and the owner had his name and phone # at the shed

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