Parker Treasure Hunt: September


The Parker Treasure Hunt is back for September! We’ll add a clue every day until the prize marker is found, at which point it can be traded for $100 in cold, hard cash at Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros. Good luck and happy hunting!


9/3 – This place is not like it used to be, I’m fairly close to a funny-looking tree.

9/4 – Sometimes things seem quite the same. Am I seeing double? I like this game.

9/5 – When I think of what used to be, I remember a clown being chased by a bee.

9/8 – The view is nice, I will have to say, I can see the big flags, they sure do sway.

9/9 – I wonder who’s laughing this time of day, I love all the company as I watch the kids play.

9/10 – A long time ago, the kids chased them around, they laughed and they fell all over the ground.

9/11 – Did I tell you I too have gone to Bouse? Lane’s wife likes to smell this all over the house.

9/12 – Not far away, a party is planned, this is a new look for this plot of land.

9/15 – They tell of a time that they give something shots, those things make me crazy, I see lots of dots.

9/16 – How did this place get its new name? It must have been someone’s road to fame.

9/17 – My home is quite different this time around. I too will be found just under the ground.

9/18 – Close by they did rope and wrangle and fall, I once saw a man get thrown over the wall.

9/19 – I like Costner movies, he too likes to play, I hear he was good back in his day.

9/22 – No clue today

9/23 – The shade is real nice in the heat of the day, I love to see the kids run and play.

9/24 – They hide and they laugh all the day long, the pieces I see must be very strong.


WINNER! The prize marker has been located at the corner of a children’s playground in Western Park in Parker, buried underneath the bark. Carissa H. picks up $100! Another Treasure Hunt starts Monday.


  1. Where’s the next clue? Haven’t had one for a couple of days.

  2. Anyone getting close yet?

  3. Pretty sure its somewhere near new Little League ballpark. Would go look if I could. Am stiii at my summer home in CALDWELLID. Won’t be back in BR till November. I read parker live while I m. here. Tom

  4. I am pretty certain it has to be over by Aaron Hill field, with the different references to baseball and the old rodeo grounds. To bad I’m in Prescott!

  5. Could be manatawba field too. They got baseball, had rodeo, and got shade. Also,in reference to the shots clue, they do a rabies clinic there. All I know is this one’s driving me nuts.

  6. We have a winner! Carissa Hartless found the marker this morning. It was at Western Park in the play area. You can see the flags at the ball field next door. Dog shots at the ramada, potpourri swap meet in the Park.
    Get ready for next month! We start again next week with new clues for October, thanks for playing everyone!

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