Police warn of power bill scam

Don’t be caught out


A phone scam is being run on Parker area locals today, according to several sources including Parker Police Department.

Locals typically receive calls from someone purporting to be a representative of APS (or another power company), saying they have not received payment and will cut the power off today unless the person sends money. The suggestion is then made to go to Walmart or CVS, buy a prepaid debit card “for a high dollar amount” and then call the representative back with the card number to avoid having service suspended.

One such call was made to Crossroads Cafe in Parker this morning from a man who said his name was “Tom”, according to the owner.

Parker P.D. says “If you should receive one of these calls please contact APS at (928) 669-2248 and if you want to file a police report please contact our dispatch, (928) 669-2281.”

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  1. Im Lawny, owner of Crossroads Cafe in Parker. This is a scam. This is the second time in the last few months that they have called us. APS told me that just today, they have received four complaints from business’s in the parker area that this has happened to them today. So they are hitting Parker hard today. I had previously heard about it on the news when another restaurant business owner came forward after he fell for the scam. He panicked after the phone call, he followed the scammer instructions, he went to wal mart, got the money card and called it into the return phone number that was given to him. His money was gone. From what the news station said, that the way this is set up, no one has been able to catch or stop them. APS said that they would never call their customers and tell them their electricity is going to be shut off. The phone number the guy that called our cafe was 740.415.1255 ext 020 and the name he left was TOM. I immediately reported it to our local APS office and to police. i tried to call it back just to record what he would say, but got put on hold and then the call was disconected. I also knew it was a scam because our electric payment is automatically withdrawn from our bank each month. What idiots-losers. Ripping off the elderly and hard working people.

  2. Yes strokes steakhouse got the call today and I also got one a few months ago. When I called them back to tell them they were a scam they had a few choice words for me and then hung up! We called the sheriff and reported. Jerks!

  3. Jane Kendall

    Please share this with all your family and friends and be sure to warn those who don’t have internet or don’t get news papers. These scammers tend to prey on the elderly.

  4. “APS said that they would never call their customers and tell them their electricity is going to be shut off.”
    That’s because they just shut it off without warning when the bill isn’t paid. LOOOOOL

  5. Leah Howard

    Thank you for sharing the news will be on the lookout for that number

  6. Tamara Meeks

    that just happened to Tammie Ferrell-Roslan at the Early bird .

  7. One of my friends received a call from someone saying they were from the Court House and they missed Jury Duty. And that if they didn’t pay $300.00 they would have a warrant issued.This friend of mine is no spring chicken so sad that my friend was so worried about this and paid. But her son took care of it, but they almost got away with it. Another Spring Chicken got a call that said they were her Grandson and in jail in Mexico. That friend knew that wasn’t her Grandson. My point is there are so many of these scams. So, be careful!

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