Parker Livecast #2: Trying to Scam a Scammer


In this week’s episode of the Parker Livecast, John Wright, Josh Savino, Jimmy Beaver and Melissa Wright try to call back a scammer who’s been targeting the Parker area. It doesn’t go well. Here’s what you’ll hear on Episode 2:

0:00 – “Rocks Fallin” by Josh Savino
3:30 – Listener feedback
6:27 – John gets propositioned in Las Vegas
16:24 – Jimmy Beaver live from Seattle
18:55 – August 2014 was cooler than normal
23:41 – Trying to scam a scammer (and failing)
29:50 – Deciding on this week’s poll
31:16 – A few Parker events mentioned
34:40 – Naked Weather

Listen using the player above! Leave feedback in the comments section below. Find this podcast on iTunes and your favorite podcast apps (search ‘Parker Livecast’ and subscribe for free to get every episode automatically). Please share with your friends who know Parker, AZ.

Thank you for listening!



  1. just downloaded the app and subscribed! my son and myself are listening as I type, looking forward to many more hilarious shows!

  2. Frank Goodyear

    7:20am The road to Bouse from Parker is closed due to a wash flooded.

  3. Frank Goodyear

    Now open but police are on scene, several washes running,

  4. FUN! I enjoyed it!

  5. There is also the IRS tax scam going on too. I got a call last week. They told me an auditor was going to come to my house and arrest me and put me in jail till my court date to “make an example of me”. Said I owed $2980 for 2007-2009. The real give away was those years I had to PAY!!! Now if I was going to commit 5 counts
    of fraud against the IT’S wouldn’t I have made it benefit ME ?????? Just saying. …

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