Sundance for sale on Craigslist for $2.9m


Anybody want to buy a famous waterfront saloon? The Sundance Saloon property is for sale on Craigslist with an asking price of $2.9 million.

Citing “260 feet of prime, crystal clear, privately owned waterfront property” and the “restaurant/bar/dance hall/building and property”, the listing also includes Sundance’s liquor license, bar decks, dance floors, boat and waverunner slips.

Sundance had a heady heyday in past decades when it was the place to be on the Parker Strip. After many years closed and much speculation about its future, the original owner Jim Shubin reopened it on Memorial Day weekend this year.

Shubin and his brother Nick owned Sundance from 1978 until 1998, when it was sold to new owners who talked about building condos on the site. Shubin regained control of the property in a foreclosure and, according to the listing, would now like to retire.

“Possibilities are endless,” the ad reads. “This is a prime hot spot property because of location, history and notoriety. In addition, a great place to live.”

Shubin says the property has been appraised at $4.5 million.


  1. Anna N Adam Blue

    They already sold it escrow closes next week.

  2. Amber Turner

    Cyndee Geary Monts I think u and Johnny should buy it

  3. Twyla Sorensen

    Is escrow here in Parker? Do you know who purchased it? Wonder why it was sold thought they were up and running well?

  4. Parker Live Updates

    That was quick! Any more info?

  5. Jodi Hughes

    Bummer! That is Home 2 me!

  6. Krista Carrie Taylor

    Jonathan, put a deposit down while you’re out there!

  7. Travis Allen

    Made an offer, waiting for them to counter… So well see Pat Nicholl

  8. Misty Fears-Adams

    Marilyn Root Fears Cherie Fears Simas Sue Fears let’s do this!!!!!

  9. Lisa Stewart

    wait I can’t keep up with this place!

  10. Parker Live Updates

    Do you have plans for the property if you succeed in buying it Travis?

  11. Shaun S Stuart

    Okay i am buying it after I win lottery tonight

  12. Roger White

    Well if it sells I hope whoever buys it has the money to put into it. it needs a lot of work still. We were out there last weekend and we didn’t even go in it really looked closed from the street but found out later it was open from the water

  13. Doug Brown

    Not worth 2.9 million it has all kinds of problems. They better have 1 or two million more to fix the shitty work already done on it.

  14. Marilyn Root Fears

    Sounds good to me I had never heard of this. Looks like fun

  15. Jack Kleinbard

    well if it sold. Shubin ran a wet tee shirt contest Saturday with some 3 old chicks that were probably there in the 70’s. They ended up taking their tops off and one of them got 5 20’s…

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