Parker Livecast #4: “Topless Pizza”


On this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast, John Wright, Josh Savino, Jim Beaver and Michael Collins are joined by Anthony Rothacher, owner of a legendary local pizza joint in Parker called La Piazza. We try to get him angry with a prank phonecall, but he doesn’t buckle.

Listener discretion: this episode contains adult language.

00:57 – Introducing Mike Collins
02:42 – Pranking La Piazza
16:48 – A guy protesting his cable bill
17:21 – Josh nearly vomits on kindergarteners
19:00 – Some ice bags are made inside the fridge
22:22 – Sugar gliders / sugar dragons / sugar puppies
24:11 – What should you call Rhinos, Rangers and Razors?
29:37 – A guy with a gun on a hill
32:45 – Naked Weather!


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Thank you for listening.



  1. Rudy Gonzales

    Anthony is still plugging away. Darn good pizza.

  2. I LOVED this guys!!!!!
    Your so Awesome!!!!!

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