Parker Treasure Hunt: October


Ah, Fall is here and the promise of cooler temps! The Parker Treasure Hunt is back for the month of October. We’ll add a clue every day until the prize marker is found, when it can be traded for $100 in cold, hard cash at Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros. Good luck, happy hunting and may your search be fruitful and strong.


10/2 – I am ready to roll, I’m ready to stay, I guess I can have it either way.

10/3 – Close to the highway I will stay, until someone finds me, it’s a beautiful day!

10/6 – I’m not on the ground, I’m not in the air, Lane wishes he had some of Keith’s hair.

10/7 – I will be found in the middle of town, keep looking up, never look down.

10/8 – I would love to get up and move all around, I have a bad feeling, we would make a bad sound.

10/9 – I have been to Bouse believe it or not, sometimes it was cold, sometimes it was hot.

10/10 – People say it was fun looking outside, you have to be old to have been for ride.

10/13 – The snowbirds drive by, I see them again, I will have to say I missed you my friend.

10/14 – No shovel needed, no ladder as well, I am located so perfectly just off the ground.


WINNER! Matthew José picks up $100 for finding the prize marker, hidden between the wheels and the step of a stationary old train car on California Avenue in Parker! So, no more clues until November when you’ll have another chance to win. Thanks for playing!


  1. Only one clue this month? Is the game over?

  2. Check the clues on Lane’s Autocare and TirePros or The Parker Treasure Hunt. They are running behind right now. The event page gets updated every day.

  3. I apologize – my bad – clues are now up-to-date.

  4. hey, this is fun. I’m still 900 miles away, but read the clues. Good for this old brain to have to think. pretty sure I have it figured. but won’t spoil the fun for the ones still looking. good luck to all. see u in a couple of weeks.

  5. We will start again next month! Good Luck!

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