Sundance sold to Long Beach bar owner


According to a press release on its Facebook page, the historic Sundance Saloon on the Parker Strip has been sold.

Norm Turley, a retired cop from Long Beach Police Department and co-owner of Dogz Bar & Grill in Belmont Shore, bought the property from long-time owner Jim Shubin after Shubin listed it for sale on Craigslist and elsewhere.

The 1.5 acre property comes with its infamous 24,000 square foot building, a bar, restaurant, stage and gathering areas.

Turley, also an off-road desert racer for years, said he plans to remodel the site back to what it was in its early days. “I want to restore what is here and rebuild the site to what Jim intended it to be,” he is quoted as saying.

The old river hangout has achieved near legendary status for its status in its peak, when Sundance was the place to be on summer weekends.


  1. Was there a few weeks ago~sat at the bar outside bartender was great~ makes the BEST bigstick drinks. Thank you NORM for my bar mat I LOVE it.

  2. The designer of the bridge is a genius! He/she knows us all.THANKS!

  3. Michelle Heredia

    Love the Sundance. Old and new. Great memories from long ago and we live in Lake Havasu now and have been back a couple times since it reopened. Thanks for bringing it back to life.

  4. Hey dad I wanna move to Arizona and work at the Sundance please that’s no joke…. LoL

  5. AGAIN…. Why cant this place stay open and be as popular. I suppose its the river cops cracking down on boaters.

  6. Jim shubin turned into a senile micro managing old crank. He took a couple hits to the head not long ago in a fall and turned into cuckoo boy. A loser of losers.

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