Parker Livecast #7: John Tuba and Problem Child


This week on the Parker Livecast, the challenges of filming off-road racing as we’re joined by John Tuba of Tuba Art Films. We also chat on the phone with Eddie Knox about setting a new world record in a drag boat last weekend on Lake Havasu, and about the plans to bring the boats to the Parker Strip next spring.

John Tuba, our in-studio guest this week

Problem Child, run by Eddie Knox who joins us on the phone

Here’s what you’ll hear on episode 7:

1:35 – Filming off-road racing with John Tuba
10:50 – Recapping the BlueWater Challenge with Jim Beaver
15:00 – Biking and kayaking in Parker
17:34 – Mike Collins joins from Los Angeles
18:07 – “Setting the big record” – Eddie Knox joins from Palm Springs
29:38 – Listener feedback and poll results
32:47 – Welcoming new sponsors
34:12 – “How did Josh lose the weight?”
36:13 – Miscellaneous crosstalk
38:06 – Events this weekend
40:03 – Un-Naked Weather

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Thank you for listening!



  1. Terry Kammerdiener

    Great Job guys

  2. Liahna Monroy Katona

    “Problem Child” Top Fuel Hydro interview @ 18:07

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