Nation’s second-largest egg producer to open in La Paz County


The second-largest egg producer in the nation is to open a 2600-acre farm with 3 million egg-laying hens in La Paz County.

According to the La Paz Economic Development Corporation, Rose Acre Farms has entered into an agreement to purchase over 2,600 acres in rural La Paz County, AZ from Arizona Public Service (APS). It will be the company’s first operation in the state of Arizona.

La Paz EDC’s Vincent (Skip) Becker says the process has come full circle. “We are delighted that APS wanted to ensure this would be an excellent project for La Paz County and the surrounding communities,” he said. Becker added that the first phase of the project would add 80-100 jobs in the area, including “comprehensive employee benefits”. “Rose Acre Farms will invest more than $80,000,000 dollars to complete Phase One,” he added.

The project includes a 3 million bird layer farm, a pullet (young hen) farm, a rail spur (secondary branch rail track to join the existing rail infrastructure) and a feed milling operation. The facility will be located south of Bouse, AZ.

“Organizations like the Arizona & California Railroad truly make a difference in securing a project of this magnitude,” Becker said.

Rose Acre Farms began in the 1930s as a small family-owned operation with 2 hen houses, and has grown to become one of the leading egg producers in America with 17 existing facilities in 6 other states. The company produces a range of eggs including conventional, free-range, vegetarian, organic, ‘golden premium’ and ‘Christopher’ eggs. The Rust family, which started the business over 70 years ago, remains involved in the company’s day-to-day activities today.

The company cites strengthening the communities where they do business as a component of their business model, according to La Paz EDC. This often includes environmental, social and charitable projects.

APS Manager of Community Development David Bentler said the project would bring significant economic benefits to the local community and to Arizona. “APS is proud to work with the La Paz Economic Development Corporation to bring new jobs to the community, enhance economic development in the area and improve the long-term viability of La Paz County,” he said.

Becker said he and the Board of Directors and members of the La Paz EDC believe the project is economic development at its finest. “We would like to thank Rose Acre Farms, the Rust Family, Chips Everhart, Marcus Rust, APS, The Arizona & California Railroad, the Arizona Commerce Authority and the La Paz County Board of Supervisors for their support of this project.”


  1. Sure hope it will have A/C because it gets awfully hot in La Paz county!!

  2. Yes that’s for sure, my Dads hens stop laying in the summer because it is too hot. He lives in Parker.

  3. Jobs jobs jobs good for community

  4. I see a lotta egg salad!!

  5. Buni Harvey Hooper

    Biggest investment in La Paz County EVER!

  6. More animals, more customers!!! Hehe


  8. Rena Robbins Treviño

    Yes that’s for sure, my Dads hens stop laying in the summer because it is too hot.He lives there.

  9. It’s not because it’s to hot. It’s because of molting. AZ has a great climate for raising poultry. To bad the LaPaz county youth livestock complains about kids showing poultry. I hope they have 500 birds entered.

  10. Rena Robbins Treviño

    Many other factors have an impact on a hen’s ability to continue laying. Disease is an obvious example. If a hen suddenly stops producing and appears listless or ill, segregate her immediately from the rest of the flock. Veterinarians usually need to perform a post-mortem examination of a hen to determine the cause of death and whether the flock is in danger.

    Other stress factors include excessive heat or cold

    the presence of predators, shortage of water and too much handling by humans.

  11. I’m sure Rose Acre Farms knows how to make sure their $80 million egg farm produces eggs. 🙂

  12. Anyone know where in LaPaz this will be?

  13. General area south of Bouse, AZ.

  14. Any idea on how many jobs it will bring to La Paz County?

  15. South of Bouse? Hey, that’s where I live! Well, not so much South but close enough. Near Vicksburg Rd maybe ya think???

  16. Maybe Gloria. Jose the announcement estimates 80-100 jobs for the first phase of the project.

  17. A few weeks ago a Chinese fellow came into our local library to use the computer. I was nosy so asked him why he was in Bouse of all places. He informed me that he was here to purchase hay in Butler Valley. He told me that AZ has the best grown hay in the US! They ship it back to China. Know this has nothing to do with eggs but thought it was interesting!

  18. Hope that they’ll have organic or pasture raised eggs. Otherwise, I’ll keep buying the organic eggs from safeway or the pasture raised eggs from whole foods in phoenix. It’s good they’re bringing in jobs, though.

  19. Amanda- I believe this will be a conventional egg farm but the same company produces organic, vegetarian, cage free and lots of other types. Not sure they’ll sell directly to the public anyway, so the grocery store (or your own hens) will still be the best bet. 🙂

  20. I hope they treat their birds humanely. Not just here in La Paz county but in all their facility’s.

  21. Now they’ll have specials on hard boiled eggs in the summer! Also put biouse to rds in back of pickups and drive from Bouse to Parker and by the time they get here the birds will be defeathered and roasted just perfect!

  22. TwoFeather Sanctuary

    I am interested in where, exactly the farm will be. The only road S. of Bouse is Plomosa, and I can’t see it going in there, as they would have to bring in power and the railroad spur would go right through the middle of town. “S. of Bouse” is pretty vague.

  23. Located on the old APS property along side Highway 72 and will use a possible railway spur like the Ecology business currently does…

  24. Which side of Highway 72 is this location?

  25. What’s the latest or don’t you guys do any follow up on your stories?

  26. That’s right – we never do any followup. You got it.

  27. It was a very simple and straightforward question.

    Thank you for clarifying it but you didn’t need to be a dick.

  28. I am considering buying property south of Bouse and am concerned about odor and flies. Anyone have insight into this.
    Thanks gary

  29. Kathy Burmeister

    Don’t worry they won’t be any smellier than the cows in the same location. We never had flies before they moved in. I live in Desert Gold RV Park.

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