TOURISM TALK: #cooldown2014

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Josh Savino- Tourism Coordinator-Parker Area Tourism

Take a step outside right around sunset and you’ll immediately realize that the season has changed. Gone are the days of triple digit heat and 90+ degree nights. Yes, it is officially Fall and with that comes an entirely different breed of tourist: Winter Visitors.

Winter Visitors flock to the desert southwest annually to escape the much colder conditions of their home states. Thanks to an earlier than normal onset of winter weather we have seen a large number of our winter friends returning sooner than usual. Many of the parks and resorts in the area have filled a large majority of their spaces with reservations as the winter months approach us.

Changing gears…­­

 It’s time to shift our focus from Summer to the Winter. Visitors this time of year don’t just stay for a weekend. Our frigid weather fleeing friends stay for months at a time. The Parker area becomes their full time home, for many until the temperatures creep back into the triple digits.

How can your business attract this new consumer base? What items and services can you offer this completely different demographic? Whatever you choose to do with your individual businesses I would encourage you to integrate the use of Social Media.

Why Social Media?

 The internet has become the most widely used form of technology over the past 25 years. Out of hundreds of millions of users some interesting statistics have come forth.

Here are some examples:

  • 67% of online traffic that use social networking tools are on Facebook, with 16% of users on Twitter, 15% on Pinterest, and 13% using Instagram.
  • 62% of men online use some form of social media, while woman are a little more engaging at 71%
  • When it comes to Household Income, users making more than $75,000 per year are on Facebook four times more than next highest used network, Twitter.

What does this mean?

An overwhelming number of potential customers WITH MONEY are using social media.

So why isn’t your business?




Josh is the Tourism Coordinator for Parker Area Tourism and can be found weeknights from 5pm at KLPZ 1380am where he hosts “The Little Bit More Show”.
You can also download him every Friday morning on the “The Parker Livecast” by subscribing via iTunes, Stitcher, or by listening here on Parker Live.
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  1. An overwhelming number of snowbirds in the right hand lane are turning left across 5 lanes of traffic at the main intersection in town.

  2. I haven’t personally seen that happen yet this season, but I have in the past. After living here a large majority of my life I’ve realized that these kind of traffic violations and unsafe driving practices are more stereotype than reality when it comes to our winter visitors. Sure there are some that make poor choices behind the wheel due to confusing or even panic caused by operating a multi-ton RVs, but I’ve also seen many locals make similar mistakes behind the wheel in much smaller vehicles. In my opinion, despite the poor driving of a few the roads are still safe despite the cooler temperatures and octogenarians piloting these diesel powered behemoths.

  3. Wow you really say an overwhelming number of snowbirds do that, now that is hard to believe, seems people
    exaggerate a lot when they see something, I see lots of locals do lots of stupid driving I can tell by the license
    plate letter they are locals, I travel hwy 72 lots, speed limit 55 all the way to Hope, have a friend that got stopped for driving 55 and was told them big rigs will run over you at that speed, he told the Officer let em, and told him why don’t you enforce the speed limit instead of stopping a law abiding citizen.

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