Parker Livecast #9: Ghost Hunting and Power Lifting


In this Halloween episode of the Parker Livecast we recap Josh’s experience hunting ghosts this week in Parker-area abandoned buildings. We also talk to 16 year old Ashley Hoban, a Parker High School Junior who’s just taken a world record in power lifting! We celebrate her achievement and make note that – despite being very strong – she does not have tree trunk arms or legs. Also: a woman calls us from her bathtub to give Naked Weather.


1:26 – Josh and John are by themselves
1:50 – Practicing demented laughing
2:23 – John rants about not getting press releases
4:54 – Josh Savino, Ghost Hunter
13:39 – Ashley Hoban, world record power lifter
20:17 – Ain’t No Donuts When They’re Gone
22:44 – Naked Weather: Bathtub Edition

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