Parker Treasure Hunt: November


Ladies and gentlemen, the Parker Treasure Hunt is back!

Ah, Fall is here and the promise of cooler temps! The Parker Treasure Hunt is back for the month of October. We’ll add a clue every day until the prize marker is found, when it can be traded for $100 in cold, hard cash at Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros. Clues can be heard a day earlier on KLPZ 1380am’s morning show. Good luck, happy hunting and may your search be fruitful and strong.


11/4 – I’m looking around, at the middle of town, I’m wondering why I’m not on the ground.

11/5 – I’m hanging quite tight, I know that it’s right to hide for a while with all of my might.

11/6 – Lane placed me here, the school isn’t near, but he seems to think the clues are quite clear.

11/7 – The things that I see are all clear to me, I like what I see, I’m near to a tree.

11/10 – You never stop, you never walk by, maybe you should give me a try.

11/11 – I think that you might need a clue that tells you the location to end your frustration.

11/12 – You stop and you park, you let your dogs bark, I’m five blocks from the park.

11/13 – They give you some info, they are very nice, just ask for a pamphlet, don’t even think twice.


WINNER! The prize marker has been found by Carissa Hartless, who picks up $100 from Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros. The treasure was hidden at Main Street Park near the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, under a little foot bridge. But don’t worry: there’ll be another hunt next month!

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