Free grapes: truck opened to community


A semi trailer full of fresh grapes has been written off after an accident and the grapes are being given for free to the community.

Parker Towing’s Mark Schifo prioritized the poor and needy with the first selection of the produce, and as of 1 p.m. many various agencies had been to collect some for their projects and programs.

Now, the truck is open to the public; come and get your share! The loot is located at 6th and Hopi in Parker, AZ until gone.


  1. Rebecca Julio Cruz

    Sandra Elizondo Cruz go get us some

  2. Sandra Elizondo Cruz

    Rebecca Julio Cruz I got some Lisa went and got me 2 boxes I called her someone called me and I was in the middle of making Pupusas, I will share for sure.

  3. Buni Harvey Hooper

    Thanks Hollie Bonds for helping Gingerbread House …for afternoon snack!

  4. Rudy Gonzales

    This happens about every 10-15 years.

  5. When is the beer truck gonna roll over? :)O

  6. Thank you for the grapes!! FYI Grapes can be frozen!!

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