Parker Livecast #10: “If the hens became self-aware”


On this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast, we engage in a free-flowing ramble of unlinked subjects, including love, culture and road safety. We also chat to KLPZ football commentator Randy Hartless on the status of the Parker Broncs football team and their postseason prospects, Collins records a public service announcement (PSA), and we contemplate what would happen if Rose Acre Farms’ proposed 3 million chickens suddenly went rogue.


1:46 – “Just got back at 4 in the morning”
4:17 – “Have you ever dressed up as a little leprechaun?”
6:11 – “I’ll bring you a packet of Fig Prostitutes”
9:05 – “I’m screaming, I’m yelling with the window down”
15:12 – “Opposing views create balance”
18:56 – “I’ve started noticing the RVs”
20:37 – “I had a Washington plate almost hit me on my bicycle”
21:20 – “Kid. Ride on the right side of the street.”
22:06 – Randy Hartless on the Parker Broncs
25:36 – PSA: “Hello children, Collins here.”
27:57 – “She’s very very very very drunk.”
30:03 – “Today temperatures will reach a high of…”
30:23 – “If the hens became self-aware”
33:10 – “Take it to the tent, man”

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  1. You guys are too funny! LOL. Been listening to the podcast every week. Great listen

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