Parker Livecast #11: Marijuana and other laws of the river


What are the differences between Arizona and California marijuana laws? If you have a prescription card in California, how is it treated by the authorities in Parker, AZ? How does Arizona law treat DUIs, guns and other issues? Our special guest this week is Julie LaBenz, Attorney at Law, and she brings some new case law to talk about.

Also on the Livecast this week, John doesn’t get enough kudos for bike riding, Jim sets the record straight about Mexican food, Josh gets shot in the back, and we get a ‘Bathtub Weather’ encore.


0:00 – War of the Chili
3:30 – John whines about cycling kudos
6:11 – Local news recaps
10:12 – Attorney Julie LaBenz
10:42 – Parker’s law enforcement agencies
12:10 – Indecent exposure
13:35 – Marijuana laws on the river
19:04 – AZ/CA border checkpoints
22:24 – John knows an alleged drug kingpin
26:02 – DUI: What to expect if you’re stopped
34:25 – Boat enforcement
37:56 – Gun laws in Arizona
39:43 – Jim Beaver sets the record straight
42:06 – Naked Weather!
44:52 – Warfighter Made
46:36 – Chili Cookoff Saturday
48:12 – Josh got shot in the back

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Julie’s law practice can be found HERE.



  1. Orlando Short Sr

    reminds me of the Triple Shot Yesterday with my man Josh Savino on 1380 AM KLPZ on the Little Bit More Show!!!!

  2. Thank you for this info. It is very important for people to realize the difference between the laws on the Ca and Az side of the river. Mariajuana is treated very differently by both sides. Also gun laws which have many differences also. Remember some ammo magazines are too big to be legal in Ca. Lots of things to remember when you vacation on the strip, whether you are from one state or the other.

  3. Good info! Fun to listen to! I don’t smoke but I am glad people are not going to be prosecuted as much for this. Nobody is being hurt and the law should leave people alone

  4. Craig Stachowitz

    The weather girl sounds HOT!!!

  5. About time we stopped treating people as criminals for this. Period

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