Parker Livecast #12: Thanksgiving on the River


Happy Thanksgiving! On this week’s edition of the Parker Livecast, we chat about what our listeners will likely be doing this week, turkey cooking methods and holiday traditions.

Also on the Livecast this week: Lt. Curt Bagby of the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office jumps on the phone to follow up on last week’s conversation about marijuana law. It turns out law enforcement will not arrest medical marijuana patients from other states in possession of less than 2.5 ounces who have a valid prescription, including California patients. A full topics list can be found below.


0:38 – Nobody eats corned beef in Ireland
2:14 – Plans for Thanksgiving turkey
6:45 – Weed law: Sheriff’s Lt. Curt Bagby on phone
15:12 – Should people avoid Highway 62?
21:51 – Ken Block races the streets of L.A.
25:50 – Naked Weather
28:52 – Black Friday and pie

Find a great recipe for Banoffee Pie HERE.

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  1. Hey no matter how its cooked i’ll be throwing it down! Happy thanksgiving everybody! Good to be on the river this year. Love the podcast!

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