Casino employee robs casino; apprehended within 30 minutes


An armed robbery occurred at BlueWater Resort & Casino at 3:51 a.m. Wednesday. Police arrested the suspect without incident less than half an hour later, at 4:18 a.m. and recovered the stolen money.

According to Colorado River Indian Tribes Police Chief William Ponce, the suspect was an off-duty employee of the casino at the time of the robbery. He is not a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes.

“Nothing is more important than the safety of patrons and the security of the facility. CRIT Police acted quickly and professionally to apprehend the suspect and no-one was hurt,” Ponce said. “CRIT Police are working with the FBI to investigate this crime. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and Parker Police Department assisted in the response and apprehension.”

The robbery set off a firestorm of speculation on social media, including rumors about a fatal vehicle accident which appear to be unrelated to the incident at the casino. Parker Live will have a separate article about that incident later today.

The resort was briefly evacuated immediately following the robbery, and is now open again with business activities resuming as normal.


  1. Parker Live Updates

    According to La Paz County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Curt Bagby, we should have more information on the unrelated vehicle incident later today.

  2. Dani Bull

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Riverm Riverm

    I was not working then but that a shame

  4. thanks for letting us know what really happened. as always the rumors were ridiculous

  5. Emilio Escalanti

    Ah….good thing it ended swiftly and in a nonviolent manner.

  6. Sue Trickler-Peltier

    This gets the stupid criminal award.

  7. EttaMae Williams Svider

    With all those rumors, I say ”AS THE RIVER FLOWS”!!!! Thanks for the update.

  8. Ella Decker

    Criminals for the most part really are not intelligent!

  9. Rayes Robledo


  10. what was the guys name ? was it Rob ? lol

  11. wow i love the bluewater and most of it employees past and present,,there is a few persons that work that abuse there power no names be needed she knows who she is and her position of power has gonna to her head and thighs although im sure she could out run and im sure tackle a large man and or male cow (bull) no bull shes a tank but not even head of security
    I hope that no people were harmed and again really love the BW , we dont go that often any due to this but love the BW

  12. I really appreciate the updates on this web site. Wish more pictures were posted of the snow today …. the last day of 2014. What a beautiful way to end the year. Have a safe & Happy New Year Parker and keep the updates coming in..

  13. Thanks John! Appreciate it.

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