Suspected arsonists arrested


Two people have been arrested for arson and booked into the La Paz County Detention Facility in Parker. Stacy Satzman and John Fullilove are the two primary suspects for a fire at the Betty Hunter Realty Office in Bouse, AZ.

On September 4th 2014 at approximately 5:11 am, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office and the Bouse Fire Department were dispatched to a structure fire at the Betty Hunter Realty Office in Bouse, AZ.

“Initially, Sheriff’s arson investigators had very little evidence or information to work with in order to determine the origin of the fire,” says a press release.

“After weeks of follow up investigation(s) which included interviews, forensic video analysis and an undercover cooperative effort with the Task Force Detectives, the Sheriff’s Office Investigative Unit identified two primary suspects who were suspected of ‘Conspiracy to Commit Arson’ and ‘Arson of a Structure’.”

Both Satzman and Fullilove were arrested Wednesday and booked into the jail at around 1 pm.


  1. Amber N Mauricio Diaz

    My tio!

  2. Sue Trickler-Peltier

    Oh how cute they have matching outfits….when u do the crime u do the time and get matching outfits…

  3. Fucking tweakers…

  4. Who are these people?? Why did they come to Bouse?

  5. EttaMae Williams Svider

    Thank goodness they were caught….if ya wanna play ya gotta pay!!!

  6. Danielle Michelle Dunham

    Disappointing that these people can’t realize thwir potential for a better life if they could ever close the door on the old one. Everyone has some good in them somewhere. They are part of my former life but that doesn’t mean I don’t still care about them and every other human. My neighbors, my family, my enemies, every fellow human I still have some compassion for and do still care and pray for these people. May God’s will be done.

  7. Soo, it was arson.

  8. Bunch of bullshitI was with Mr.Statesman. from around two am. On.we had to go to Phoenix. That morning.

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