Parker Treasure Hunt: December


Think you have Christmas covered? If not, or if you could always use an extra $100, the Parker Treasure Hunt is back! Below you’ll find a clue for every weekday in the month of December (until someone finds the loot). You’re looking for a disc-shaped prize marker which can be traded for $100 in cash at Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros if you’re lucky enough to find it. Happy hunting and Merry Christmas!


12/2 – If you look both near and far you just might see the Christmas star.

12/3 – In a park, near a tree, I don’t think that’s where I’ll be.

12/4 – This year was fun, it was a winner, I’m not near a place for dinner.

12/5 – It is so dark, it is so quiet, you should really come and try it.

12/8 – A new gazebo in the park, a new look all around, look to the north, I will be found inside something big and round.

12/9 – No school is near, nor is a park, I always seem to be in the dark.


WINNER! David Lucas picks up the $100 after finding the prize marker…. at Lane’s Auto Care & Tire Pros! Was this the fastest-ever hunt? Congratulations David and thanks to Lane for putting the hunt together!


  1. We are going to sweeten the deal! we have added a fifty dollar gift certificate to the winner as well! Good luck!

  2. Found it!

  3. Has this already been found?

  4. David Lucas found it and claimed the prize money this week. it was hidden at our shop in a tire display out front. We will have another Treasure Hunt next fall. Thanks everyone for your participation!

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