Parker Livecast #13: River Rats, Townies & Aggies


Are you a River Rat, a Townie or an Aggie? This week on the Parker Livecast, we get into a conversation about the different cultures in the Parker area. Also on the Livecast this week, Thanksgiving, earthquakes that weren’t, and a story of failed romance that left Josh stranded in the middle of the desert at 2am on New Year’s Eve. PLUS: What is the best weekend to be in Parker? Cast your vote! A full index of contents can be found below too.


Here’s the running order! Press play above.

2:06 – We all support each others’ endeavors
2:42 – Thanksgiving weekend recap and feedback
8:12 – What’s the best weekend to be in Parker?
11:26 – Demographics of Parker
15:42 – River Rats, Townies & Aggies
20:38 – What happened in local news?
23:40 – Earthquake? (And talk about THIS ONE)
29:49 – KLPZ’s 12 Days of Christmas
33:19 – Josh’s stranded in desert after failed romance
42:40 – Fully Clothed Weather Listen using the player here!

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  1. Lonnie Alcaida-North

    My guess is “Aggie” is short for agriculture?

  2. River Rat w a little Townie.

  3. from the Valley… wth is an “Aggie” Agnes Wilson Bridge people?

  4. A little bit of everything but mostly river rat!

  5. Robin L. Marchbanks Cooper


  6. River Rat

  7. Why is KLPZ trying to LABEL ME!!!!

  8. I’m just me.. 😉

  9. what about Big River people ?

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