Man rides penny-farthing across the world


A man from London is riding his penny-farthing bicycle through the Parker area today on his way around the world.

Joff Summerfield, 46, set off on the bike in June 2014 from Toronto, Canada and plans to spend the next year or so making his way through the American continents on the custom-made bicycle. This weekend he’ll be out on Highway 62, perched four and a half feet from the ground on top of that giant wheel, heading toward San Diego. Afterwards, he’ll hit Mexico and southward through Latin America to the bottom.

Joff comes from a motor racing family and spent several years as a Formula One engine builder before quitting to make penny-farthings and tour the world on them. He spent 2006-2008 touring in 23 countries, totalling 23,000 miles in places like India and China.

“You get to meet so many nice people,” Joff told Parker Live on Friday. “What you see in the news is not the reality about the world. 99.99 percent of people everywhere are really lovely.”

He is surviving on a budget of several dollars a day, camping and staying with people along the way. His website can be found at

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  1. Joaquin Vences

    Penny Farting??? figures he’s from the UK!

  2. Sabina Mohr

    Check out THIS bike Kim Mohr, he was just in our neighborhood

  3. Mindy Montoya

    I think this is the guy we say in Las Vegas Saturday I couldn’t get a shot of him

  4. Corey Evan Shelton

    Breanna Nelson that’s the guy that was on the highway that came out of no where

  5. Javan Genc

    Just seen this guy pass my house like 4 times, I think he’s lost lol

  6. Luis Jimenez

    Brad Yarbrough we shoulda took him shooting! Haha

  7. Jodie Vescio

    I saw him yesterday taking a break in town.

  8. Sandi Du Vall

    Yes had breakfast at Dumas Walker Bar and Grill.

  9. Sandi Du Vall

    Will be posting pictures of the bike

  10. Jeff Drumgool

    I saw this guy about 2 weeks ago in ash fork. I thought I was seeing things!

  11. Sabina Mohr

    Which bike would you take?

  12. Kim Mohr

    I’ll get one like that

  13. Sabina Mohr

    Or make it like he did (I think)…..kinda cool huh?

  14. Julie Camp

    Noel? Lol Renae Camp Chip Camp

  15. Jerry Griffin

    seen him the other day between parker n havasu

  16. Rosio Sanchez

    How cool I saw him coming from havasu Yadira Ramirez Alfredo Rodriguez Jr.

  17. Seen this man at my work in blythe… dude could use a bath

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