New CRIT vice-chair and council to take office January


The Colorado River Indian Tribes will have a new vice-chairman and council after Saturday’s election.

According to CRIT’s certified official election results, Keith Moses (pictured) will be sworn in as vice-chairman on January 2nd, along with Herman Laffoon Jr., Johnny Hill Jr. and Granthum Stevens who will join the CRIT Tribal Council. The 4-year term expires on December 31st, 2018.

Moses is best-known for his work at BlueWater Cinemas and as coordinator of the annual Native Visions Film Festival.


  1. Twyla Sorensen

    Just so awesome… happy for everyone.. Keith is a good man and has a good heart in caring for others.

  2. Carla Patch Poole

    Congratulations Keith Moses.

  3. Orlando Short Sr

    My man the people have spoken Conratulations Keith Moses!

  4. Cynthia Hough

    Congratulations Keith Moses!

  5. Merial Scott

    Awesome…change…keep up the good work for the people…:D

  6. Jessica White

    Congratulations Keith Moses!

  7. Mike Ameelyenah

    Congratulations Keith Moses your THE man for the job,ready to make THEM tough decisions concerning the tribal people….GOOD LUCK..

  8. Mona Duran

    Yay!!!!! Again congrats my friend you will do good. Your very intelligent and definitely do plenty for others.

  9. Congrats to you Keith

  10. Keith Moses

    Thanks Everyone..I do want to note that the picture was taken by my awesomely talented friend Melissa Wright, Melissa Wright Photography

  11. Lee Whitestar

    Does that mean, you’ll be quitting the job, at BlueWater Cinemas, Keith?

  12. Enrique Martinez

    Congrats KEEEEEEEEF!!!!!!!!

  13. Charmaine Etsitty

    I would think he would have to quit in order to concentrate on his duties as Vice Chairman.

  14. Keith Moses

    yes Lee my last day is Jan 1st

  15. Lee Whitestar

    Ok Keith, kind of sad, in a way, but good in another way for you. Guess we won’t see you, when we come there again, to BlueWater Cinemas, with a new movie?

  16. Renita Freeman

    AWESOME! ,Congratulations!

  17. Jerry Griffin

    congrats Keith Moses . u r the best man for the job.

  18. I am very happy that you have the position Keith, please keep your open mind, and remember the libraries for all the people of the Reservation and Parker.

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