New K9 unit at Sheriff’s Office


The La Paz county Sheriff’s Office has announced a new Detention K9 unit, after Officer Danielle Banuelos successfully graduated from the Arizona Department of Corrections K9 Academy.

On December 10th 2014, Banuelos and her canine partner Orlis, a German Shepherd, completed a rigorous eight-week K9 academy in Tucson, Arizona.

The objective of the training is to certify officers as K9 handlers for the purpose of drug detection. Banuelos’ primary function will be to help ensure a drug free environment at the La Paz Detention Facility. She will also be called out to assist with narcotics related issues for all law enforcement agencies throughout the County.

Sheriff John Drum says he is very happy about the opportunity to have an active K9 program which has been missing from La Paz County Sheriff’s Office for a few years. “We feel that Officer Banuelos will be a great asset to our department,” he said.


  1. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    Awesome. Keep us drug free. Does the k9 have a name?

  2. Sandra Deasee Thompson

    Congrats Danielle and Orlis!!!!

  3. Michelle Knight

    It said in the article that the new K9’s name is Orlis.

  4. Mary Haskell

    Good luck and keep his feet protected in the summer!!!

  5. Michael Volpe

    Congratulation’s to you and Orlis!!

  6. Lawny Reese-Caracci

    I like that name for the k9. “Orlis” keep safe. And thanks to all our law enforcement for protecting us.

  7. Sue Tennant

    Bringing in my trade patches end of Mo. Sgt. Tennant, Sun City West Posse.

  8. WTG About time La Paz got it. The county has needed this for a LONG time!!!

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