Launch ramp cleared of debris, County Supervisor says


La Paz County Supervisor King Clapperton says the Cienega Springs launch ramp has been cleared of debris after last year’s flooding.

The ramp, popular with river goers especially in the summer months, doubles as a drainage channel during flash floods, when the wash may be running. During 2014’s active monsoon season, silt, sand and other debris washed into the ramp area and accumulated at unusually high levels.

Clapperton told Parker Live that La Paz County Public Works contracted with a local construction company with specialized equipment to do the job. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. Trackhoe 5 hours @ $175/hr = $875
  2. Loader 3 hours @ $105/hr = $315
  3. End dump 5 hours @ $100/hr = $500

The total was $1690. The Arizona Department of Emergency Management covered 80% (or $1352) so the cost to the County was only $338.

“Please bear in mind that the river bottom beyond the ramp’s concrete edge may yet be unstable as the current does its eventual job of settling the soil, so if you use the ramp, do so at your own risk and please be careful,” Clapperton added. “Thanks for your patience.”

Cienega Springs launch ramp is open to the public free year-round. It is one of a few public ramps open to boaters, jetskiers and others along the Parker Strip. Others include ramps at the Sheriff’s Department Boating Safety Center, Patria Flats and La Paz County Park.


  1. Mary Haskell

    We were getting ready to take our Weed Wacker down there to trim all the over grown brush…looks fabulous

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! So great to have the entire ramp open again…Awesome.

  3. glad this is fixed, last time I went there I had to back my truck halfway out into the river to launch a jetski 😀

  4. Nick Danger

    Ya it helped but That ramp is still Jacked up !! Needs to be done again with a excavator with a longer boom / reach !! Just saying only because I do work on the house next to it and was up on the balcony and seen the best view of the sand build up !!

  5. Watch out for the sand/gravel bar on the up river side of the ramp. We drug the rudder on the Cracker Box last week while retrieving the boat.

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