CRIT responds to news article stirring tensions

An article that appeared in the Havasu News-Herald, the Parker Pioneer and the Palo Verde Times has been stirring some tensions about the intentions of the Colorado River Indian Tribes over its lands, and the Tribes have now responded in a public statement.

The ‘news’, which the Parker Live website did not attempt to cover, reported that CRIT is considering restrictions to the highway and the river running through the reservation. But the proposal comes from a single tribal member, according to CRIT, and does not represent CRIT’s intentions or opinions.

“The proposed ordinance reflects the opinions of tribal member Michael Tsosie and was a surprise to the Colorado River Indian Tribes,” the statement reads.

The press release adds that the CRIT Council is unaware of any tribal members other than Tsosie that support the ordinance, which sought to deal harshly with people who are out of compliance with lease agreements on the California side of the CRIT reservation.

“CRIT has fostered good relations with its compliant tenants and will continue to do so,” the statement reads.

The origins of the article, and how a single tribal member’s opinion was deemed newsworthy by three area newspapers, was not immediately clear.

The entire CRIT response is available at the Facebook page of the Manataba Messenger HERE.


  1. That is more consistent with what I hear from CRIT.

  2. Most likely nothing will come of it and even if it did, we are not on indian land.

  3. Very good response!

  4. At least they chose the perfect picture for the article.

  5. Not sure how this would or could impact us…we’re on deed land

  6. Someone tag Joan Travis so she can learn a thing or two about news reporting

  7. Lonnie Alcaida-North

    Cooler heads always prevail. The Chairman responded appropriately.

  8. People jumping to conclusions SMH.

  9. FYI – if you’re leasing property from C.R.I.T you are on (C.R.Indian.T.) land.

  10. This whole thing makes no sense. I don’t know why CRIT Chairman Dennis Patch is acting so innocent. I believe Dennis Patch is the Original author of this fiasco, Michael Tsosie took the credit and now Dennis Patch is trying act like the good guy. Michael Tsosie never made no comment on this at the CRIT tribal council meeting, Dennis Patch did all the talking about this Article.

  11. I have a home on the crit reservation that I have over 20000.00 in that is a large late model home that would need to be basically destroyed to get out and it is 100% of my family’s retirement money . Told this weekend I need to get out in 6 months . Was told this on this holiday weekend . The crit is ruthless! Will loose 100% of my retirement , don’t think they care

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