Parker Livecast #16: Hiccups and Weddings


It’s a new year, and a new edition of the Parker Livecast with your hosts John Wright and Josh Savino. In this irreverent episode, John explains why he wouldn’t use the bathroom while Josh was in the one next door, Josh talks about performing a wedding in which the audience didn’t get his jokes, and John can’t stop hiccupping while talking about the importance of education.

Here’s the full index!

0:00 – Josh likes to hold his breath in hot tubs
1:50 – Sensory deprivation
3:00 – Scuba diving
4:10 – It’s 2015!
5:20 – “You wanna be in full control of your condiments”
7:10 – John disappeared to use the bathroom
8:40 – The Parker 250 has been and gone
9:50 – Best In The Desert has banned the use of drones
11:40 – The Parker 425 is a spectator sport
14:00 – New Years was great, except Josh’s date
15:30 – Josh will never perform a wedding in a church again
20:00 – John can’t stop hiccupping
21:00 – Education is important
27:30 – Parker 425 and Super Bowl are NOT the same weekend this year

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